Una Carta a Mis Hijas

  • Director

    JT Doran

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2022, 6:12

  • Category

    Narrative Short

  • Format


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LOCAL EXPRESS: A mixed bag from filmmakers across the city.

April 26, 2024 @ 2:00PM • MoMI Redstone


An undocumented mother, living in NYC, struggles with her pursuit of the American dream as she writes a letter to the children she left back home.


JT Doran, Director
Alain Martin, Writer
JT Doran, Writer
Alain Martin, Producer
Antigona Gonzalez, Key Cast

Director Statement

“Una Carta a Mis Hijas,” shot in Queens, is a about the realities of an undocumented mother living in Queens, struggling for the American dream, as she writes a letter to her children back home.

Her pains are universal, but they are more so specific – Latinx, immigrant, poor, faithful, etc. These remarkable people are largely the backbone of America and this is often the price they pay.

If we can’t reward them with greater opportunities for a better life, we can at least begin by seeing them. Our film is just that – a chance to see them.

Thank you.

Director Biography

In my first act, I was a poor kid, from the hood’, with a single-mother, sick parent, and on paper, headed for a hard-knock life. But I took an unexpected and unpredictable U-turn and become the person I wasn’t meant to be.

As a child, the movies grabbed me with a clutch one feels once in a lifetime. Here, I escaped reality and yet understood more and more about reality and people with each film. As I grew up, film, the theater, stories, all of them felt like magic, felt like home and a hybrid university and gym that existed to sharpen and shape my soul, my mind, character, values and creative muscles. In between films, it was home, Queens, NYC – the people, the cultures, the experiences, the possibilities, the pains, the grit people need to persevere through this thing called “life” here – that embedded in me deep curiosity, empathy, survive and strive instincts, and a visceral awe of humanity and story.

Armed with a distinctive diversity of experiences-lived and lessons learned via dear Mom Rosaleen, Queens, sports, the streets, unreal faces and places, and film, I managed to transcend the block (and avoid jail and that life) make things, get an education, meet, befriend, partner and work with incredible people, artists and storytellers (don’t wanna name drop unless Alain makes me!) and exist in this, my act 2, with the faith that nurture trumps (fuck him!) nature and we can be the people we wish to be, not the people we are meant to be.