Welcome to “He Said/She Said,” your backstage pass to the world of film festivals, brought to you by the caring powerhouses behind the Queens World Film Festival: Executive Director Katha Cato and Artistic Director Donald Preston Cato. As passionate advocates for the world of independent cinema and filmmakers at every stage of their career, they are here to unravel the intricacies of planning the festival life of your film.

Each blog post is built around a unique theme that guides the questions they ask each other. Their candid answers provide insights into their experiences and shed light on the often overlooked aspects of the festival circuit.

Their mission is clear: to inspire filmmakers to approach their festival strategies with a newfound consciousness. While appreciative of  top-tier festivals, Katha and Donald believe in the power of regional film festivals, the hidden gems that can transform your film into a recognized and celebrated film and provide you the opportunity to expand your industry network and build your audience. At a regional festival, especially in NYC, you never know who is in the audience.

Welcome to He Said/She Said – It’s time to think beyond the submissions and embrace the full potential of your film’s festival life.

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