This Could Be

  • Director

    Eddy Falconer

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2022, 4 minutes 33 seconds

  • Category

    Animated Short

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In Person Date, Time & Location:

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH • 8:30 pm – 10:30 pm
The Local • 13-02 44th Ave. • LIC, NY 11101


Messing With Reality: Three films that turn us upside out and downside in.


An abstraction in three parts. A questioning, hypothetical mood prevails in the soundtrack as a quasi-psychedelic presentation of analog-originated images under digital effects sets the viewer forth on an inquiry, perhaps into the nature of sight. In the second part, we are in somewhat more representational territory, the almost more certain world where we wake to birdsong. The third act resumes with more dramatic, less drifty effects on the abstraction and a joyful conviction in the music that yet hints at the ever increasing possibility of the search.


Eddy Falconer, Director, Music

Director Statement

I studied briefly with Achim Freyer in Berlin during the Wendezeit, and he was a former DDR artist whose experiments ran up against the aesthetic prescripts of that state back in the 1970s, condemned for their non-representational color use as ‘hippie garbage’ and ‘pop’. I don’t always range into the purely abstract myself but go figure, I’m a child myself of the San Francisco 60s-70s and some essential interests I have had to investigate recently. So hippie garbage and pop. THIS COULD BE points for some viewers to a spiritual dimension, but I want to make clear it’s not only that, and that it is indicating a certain position by its reliance on or inclusion of the outdated, busywork technology of painting by hand, on craft, on modernism..blah. Enjoy the film!

Director Biography

Born Massachusetts 1965, raised in California. Studied film theory in the 80s at Yale and in Paris, then moved to NY and began drawing comics, taking photos, hanging out with and videotaping squatters. I went from there to Europe just before the Berlin Wall fell and had many adventures, including Fluxus-inspired actions as well as the not so very thought out, all the while continuing the other practices. Then finally I got diagnosed bipolar when back in NY one time, and returned to the Bay Area to deal with that. I’ve worked since in theater and made experimental films, as well as occasionally contributing to the spoken word scene here. Movies on Film Freeway have screened internationally and won a few awards, and I have also sometimes had pieces appear in a gallery context. I continue to paint and have resumed making music, in the past few years, for the first time since childhood.