The Better Man

  • Director

    Debra Markowitz

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2023, 6:08

  • Category

    Narrative Short

  • Format

    Black Magic 4.6 K

  • Festival Year


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RECOVERY: 7 films about getting past or over it.

April 19, 2024 @ 5:0PM • Kaufman Astoria Studios – Zukor Theatre

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At a parole board hearing, James Carter asks for a freedom he is not certain that he deserves.


Debra Markowitz, DirectorThe Only Woman in the World, The Last Taxi Driver, Sfortunato, By Blood, Leaving, The Prof, One Last Time, ;Confidant, Gem and the Photo Op, Couple of Guys
Debra Markowitz, WriterThe Only Woman in the World – now on Prime Video and Tubi, Karmic Wind Trilogy (Novels, Naked in the Rain, Sarah and Caleb, Karmic Wind), Couple of Guys, The Last Taxi Driver, Leaving, The Waiting Room etc
Michael Fedele, Writer, Sfortunato
Henry Stampfel, Producer
Michael Fedele, Key Cast, “James Carter”, Sfortunato, The Only Woman in the World, Couple of Guys, Confessions of a Hit Man

Director Statement

Henry Stampfel, owner of the Bellmore Movies & The Showplace, and a co-founder of the Long Island International Film Expo had an idea for a movie. He told me and the star, Michael Fedele, this story, and Michael and I wrote it. I put together a cast and crew, and for an extremely low-budget, we were able to pull it off in one day at one location. Henry and his wife, Anne Stampfel, Executive produced it.

Director Biography

Debra Markowitz created and served as the Director of the Nassau County Film Commission. Serving four administrations during her 33-year tenure, Ms. Markowitz had steadily increased production of movies, television programs and commercials that were shot in Nassau County.

Ms. Markowitz also serves as President of the Long Island Film-TV Foundation, Long Island’s most established and largest not-for-profit agency dedicated to the support and promotion of independent filmmaking. The LIFTF runs the LIIFE, the Long Island International Film Expo, which is headed into its 27th year in July 2024.

Debra is also a novelist (the Karmic Wind Trilogy – Naked in the Rain, Sarah and Caleb and Karmic Wind), award winning screenwriter and director of shorts, features and TV pilots, film consultant, casting director and teaches director to actor workshops. Debra was a judge for potential incoming drama students at the LaGuardia Arts High School (The FAME school) for several years.

Several of Debra’s films have screened at Academy Award Nominating Film Festivals – Chosen (Director/Producer), screened at LA Shorts, The Last Taxi Driver (Writer/Director/Producer) screened in the HollyShorts Monthly Screening Series, Shoot Me Nicely (Casting Director/Producer) screened at HollyShorts and Won Best TV Pilot, was a Winner of the Diamond Award at LA Shorts, and My Cross to Bear (Producer/Casting Director) screened at Flicker’s, Rhode Island International Film Festival. The screenplay of The Only Woman in the World won Best Screenplay at several international Film Festivals. The Only Woman in the World feature film is screening on Prime Video, Tubi, The Alice Channel of Xumo, Momentu and several other platforms. Debra’s company is prepping for two film anthologies. Debra’s work can be found at