An Occurrence

  • Director

    Dien Vo

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2023, 17:25

  • Category

    Narrative Short

  • Format

    Digital 4K

  • Festival Year


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RECOVERY: 7 films about getting past or over it.

April 19, 2024 @ 5:0PM • Kaufman Astoria Studios – Zukor Theatre

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A distant, culturally-mixed family attempts a ceremonial day together. Lifelong emotions surface through small gestures, while the world around them keeps changing and carries on.

AN OCCURRENCE is a moody, poetic, and meditative work about what is said and unspoken between four generations in a family. It’s a celebration of Art Cinema and centers Asian-Americans. While the story is intentionally subtle, there is tenderness and palpable tension beneath the surface – a play of quiet and unspoken emotions. Although the family is the focus, the house they reside in, the lives of strangers, distant places, and nature are all equally part of the narrative. We’re connected to each other, space, and time, even if we don’t always pay attention. Shot mostly at dawn and dusk, it evokes feelings of transition, impermanence, and beginnings.


Dien Vo, Writer / Director
Flonia Telegrafi, Producer
Ryan Monolopolus, Producer
Grace Lin, Key Cast
Katie Lynn Johnson, Key Cast
HP Wang, Key Cast

Director Biography

Dien Vo is an independent filmmaker and professor of film and media at Bard College at Simon’s Rock (Great Barrington, MA). He previously taught at the University at Buffalo and Virginia Tech, where he co-developed the filmmaking program.

He is board chair at the Post Growth Institute, a non-profit working to promote collective wellbeing beyond economic growth.