• Director

    Yen Romero

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2023, 19:27

  • Category

    Narrative Short

  • Format

    4.2k Raw Sony FX3

  • Festival Year


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RECOVERY: 7 films about getting past or over it.

April 19, 2024 @ 5:0PM • Kaufman Astoria Studios – Zukor Theatre

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Julio is a shoe shiner and passionate lyricist, working tirelessly to earn enough and keep his family afloat. He clings desperately to a chance presented to him, one that can completely change his life. Will Julio live up to his dreams, or will he succumb under the pressure of adversity?


Yen Romero, Director
Kilpatry Montes de Oca, Assistant Director@kilpatry
Mourrice Papi, Director of Photography
Nilfredith Santana, Writer
Raymond C. Santana, Writer
Vladimir Acevedo, Writer
Edwin Sosa Amparo, Writer
Kilpatry Montes de Oca, Writer
Michelle Altagracia Mata, Writer
Yen Romero, Writer
Kilpatry Montes de Oca, Producer
Michelle Altagracia Mata, Producer
Lester Gomez, Producer
Edwin Sosa Amparo, Key Cast, “Julio”
Frejoel Muñoz, Key Cast, “Chete”
Victor Johan Rodriguez, Key Cast, “Carlos”
Thelma Fulgencio, Key Cast”, Abuela Antonia”
Yamaira Abad, Key Cast, “Patry”
Yairis Ramirez Santana, Key Cast, “Beba”
David Zayas, 1st A/C
Diego Steffens, Sound
Ely Vázquez, Music Composition
Rosaly Acosta, Editor
Capybara Productions, Postproduction Supervision
Antonio Berges, Drone Operator
Meliana Herrera, Art & Costume Director
Mourrice Papi, Sound Designer
Pulpo Post, Mix Studio
Su Long Sang, Rerecording Mixer
Manilo RD, Original Soundtrack”, El Limpiabotas”
Roosevelt “Saso” Castillo, Original Soundtrack, Tu Supiro feat Michy Mata, Dos Flakos & DJ Guari
Severo Studio, Special Effects (VFX)
Mourrice Papi, Gaffer
Michelle Altagracia Mata, Grip
Raymond C Santana, Grip
Arturo Duverge, Grip
Severo Studios, Graphics & Credits
Nilfredith Santana, English Translation
Michelle Altagracia Mata, English Translation
Raymond C Santana, English Translation
Kilpatry Montes de Oca, Subtitles
Severo Studio, Subtitles
Elly Gisselle Sosa Amparo, Casting
Michelle Altagracia Mata, Casting
Junior Patron, Casting
Arturo Duverge, Casting
Kilpatry Montes de Oca, Casting
Estefany Then, Production Assistants
Raymond C Santana, Production Assistants
Yairis Ramirez Santana, Production Assistants
Hidekel Baéz, Production Assistants
Lester Gomez, Location Scout
Estefany Then, Craft Services
Nikos Urban Food, Craft Services
Arturo Duverge, Acting Coach
Kilpatry Montes de Oca, Assistant Editor
Arturo Duverge, BTS Photography
Michelle Altagracia Mata, BTS Photography
Mourrice Papi, Supervising Editor
Erregebe Post Boutique, Color Correction
Jose E. Durán Tejada, Colorist

Director Biography

Director and writer, Yen Romero grew up in the state of New York where she also attended Digital Film Academy. Yen followed her passion for filmmaking allowing her to be involved in films as a gaffer, boom operator, 1st AD and eventually landing her a spot as a director in a short film. Her vision is to build a bridge between foreign cultures and relevant stories.