• Director

    Ryan Mayers, Matt Mayers

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2021, 01:18:34

  • Category

    Documentary Feature

  • Format


  • Festival Year



A former Vietnam infantry soldier decides to celebrate his 70th birthday by walking across New York State to help other survivors of PTSD, while confronting his own dark past.


Ryan Mayers – Director – Jmaxx and the Universal Language, The Million
Matt Mayers – Director – The Laughing Club
Richard Chisolm – Director of Photography – Gun Show, Cafateria Man
Austin Caughlin – Composer – Gun Show, Sit Stay Ride

Director Statement

When we met Frank and saw the passion in which he lived his life, we knew we had to document his journey. His walk across New York was our introduction to him, but as we became closer and understood how he was afflicted with post-trauma and how he was able to overcome, we knew that part of the story was essential to understanding the full scope of this 50-year journey.

Mental health has been a personal journey for me (Ryan) as my 12-year-old son suffers from a variety of disabilities, which has affected our entire family. Being able to talk to Frank and get his counsel and advice has been invaluable, and the making of the film has been a form of therapy for me.

Our hope is that the audience leaves this film with an added confidence to speak about their own struggles with mental health and begins to realize that it is not something to be ashamed of.

Director Biography

Since they were boys, Ryan and Matt Mayers have been making movies together and bringing that same passion to their films today. Ryan is an Emmy award-winning editor known for various film and television projects, including the hour-long documentary series Oprah’s Next Chapter and A&E Biography. Matt has produced films for national brands and musicians, and his original series of family-friendly shorts have received national attention. Their goal is to make films that find an emotional truth while telling an entertaining story.