Unthinkable Conversations

  • Director

    Emma Richardson

  • Country, Year, Length

    United Kingdom, 2023, 9:46

  • Category

    Narrative Short

  • Format


  • Festival Year


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April 17, 2024 @ 7:00PM • MoMI Redstone


Almost a year into a lawless war Amy and Jack have given up hope of anyone coming to help them. Hiding in their once beautiful home with their three young children, they are now starving . The violence rages around them and in the brutal world outside there is no value in anything except the lives of children. Bought and sold as cattle Amy and Jack begin to face up to the reality that the only way to save two of their children is to sell one.


Emma Richardson, Director
Emma Richardson, Writer
Emma Richardson, Producer
Kate Kelly Flood, Key Cast, I Hate Suzie
JP Conway, Key Cast
Dave Christie-Miller, Key Cast

Director Statement

This is my directing debut and I did not choose an easy subject matter, location or cast. I felt the only way I could really tell the story I wrote was to shoot the film in my home and cast my three children. Both were very difficult decisions, obviously greatly adding to both the emotional and logistical challenge. This felt very risky but the most honest, raw and powerful way for me to make the film and really bring home the realities of the true story on which I based the film.

During the film I wanted to try and keep the audience wondering what could have caused their world to unravel. What devastation had come to pass on this family? What is happening in the world to have caused such horror? In everything I did I wanted to try and keep to reality, as the film is based on a true story. I also wanted to lean into the 3 act structure and within the short duration try and give a full story whilst keeping the audience guessing and playing with the pace of the events.

My background as a journalist and love of current affairs influences my work as both a writer and director As a parent of three young children living a safe and comfortable life in England, I could not comprehend there were other parents out there having to decide which child they would sell in order to survive, the horror of having no other choice left in life, to be forced to have that “Unthinkable Conversation”.

Director Biography

This is Emma’s directing debut and the second short film she has written and produced. Her previous short film I LIVE WITH THE DEVIL had a very successful festival run screening at ten international film festivals and winning two awards for Best International Film and Best Actress.

Emma has worked in feature films for the last eight years working predominately as assistant to the Oscar winning actress Marion Cotillard. She has worked on many big- budget feature films including Macbeth, Allied and Assassins Creed. This incredible experience gave her great insight and knowledge of the film world and further stoked her passion for cinematic storytelling.

Prior to working in film, Emma worked in print and broadcast journalism; writing and producing stories for broadcasters including the Times, The BBC, SKY News, and ITN.