• Director

    Rebekah Fieschi

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2020, 5:48

  • Category

    LGBTQIA+ Short

  • Format

    4k Digital

  • Festival Year



An old couple in a spooky mansion enjoys sharing the twilight of their lives but yearns to be visited by their neglectful daughter before it’s too late. Oh well, at least they’ve got cats.


Rebekah Fieschi – Director, Writer, Producer – Sylphvania Grove, Mauvaises Têtes
Cathy Washburn – “Theodora”
Kathi Baerns – “Laura”
Khara Muniz – “Lily”
Anne Eppe – “Theodora”
Zoe Muniz – “Emma”

Director Statement

There’s such an emphasis on our differences lately that it’s easy to forget that we are more alike than not. With The Unvisited, I wanted to make a simple, silly, and relatable film everyone could enjoy. In a lighthearted way, the film explores themes of growing older, the fear of dying alone, and the desire to be reunited with one’s family.

Director Biography

Rebekah Fieschi is a writer, director, and producer from Corsica.

Her award-winning short films Sylphvania Grove and Mauvaises Têtes played in festivals around the world, including FrightFest, FantaFestival, and Starburst FilmFest. Sylphvania Grove is now available on Prime Video.

Her fiction has appeared in the literary magazines The William and Mary Review and The Caterpillar.

She is a festival programmer for the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival and has served as a guest judge and volunteer at several independent film festivals.

She is currently developing her first feature film, Beast, along with several works of prose while trying to keep the peace between her two black cats.