• Director

    Andy Winstead

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2020, 18:16

  • Category

    Blame it on the Pandemic

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  • Festival Year



Indians have been at war with the White Man for 500 years. Now the Great Sky Spirit has given the descendant of Chief Sitting Bull a weapon to fight back and reclaim what has been taken.


Andy Winstead – Director, Writer, Producer

Director Statement

I am a person that believes in making your dreams come true! I am living proof that if you are willing to work hard enough and never give up on your dreams, anything is possible.

I hope that my life story will be an example to others that you can determine your own destiny, regardless of your gender or ethnicity. I will inspire others to accomplish their own goals and aspirations.

Director Biography

Andy Winstead is of Native American Indian (Sioux) descent. In his youth, Andy set two major goals for his life, to fly fighter jets and to be an actor.

Andy graduated from Embery-Riddle Aeronautical University. He was a civilian flight instructor as a teenager, A corporate jet pilot, then continued his aviation dreams by becoming the first Native American Indian to pilot the F-16 fighter jet.

After a 20 year carrier as an F-16 fighter pilot and completing 102 combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, Andy set out to accomplish his second goal of becoming an actor. Andy incorporated his own production company, Native Warrior Productions, Inc., to create opportunities for himself and others. Native Warrior Productions, Inc. is a minority-owned/veteran-owned production company. Andy created Native Warrior Productions, Inc. intending to invest in himself as a Native actor, writer, and producer. Andy is a council member on the Screen Actors Guild’s (SAG) diversity committee for the South East in Atlanta.