• Director

    Guillermo de Oliveira

  • Country, Year, Length

    Spain, 2022, 15 minutes

  • Category

    Narrative Short

  • Format


  • Festival Year


Film Screening & Ticket Information

When & Where to See this Film!

Date, Time & Location:

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST • 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
QUEENS THEATRE • 14 United Nations Avenue South • Flushing Meadows Corona Park • Queens, NY 11368


Now What? Six films to remind us that we never know what’s next.


A glacial winter has set in. Bill and Hans, two unlucky prospectors and a battered dog sled, try to make it home. Walking through a desolate snowy valley, exhausted and with empty hands, they have no room for mistakes left. When one of the dogs can’t pull anymore and food starts to run short, the pillars of their loyalty begin to crumble.


  • Guillermo de Oliveira, Director
  • Guillermo de Oliveira, Writer
  • Hector Rojo, Writer
  • Luisa Cowell, Producer
  • Guillermo de Oliveira, Producer
  • August Diehl, Key Cast
  • Jonathan D. Mellor, Key Cast

Director Statement

– Big production, a gem in the short movies world, western shot in the snow on 35mm
– Starring August Diehl, the star from Terrence Malick’s ‘A Hidden Life’ and ‘Inglorious Basterds’
– From the director of Netflix documentary Sad Hill Unearthed, uprising new talent in Spain

– Producción muy cuidada y una rareza en el mundo de los cortos, western en la nieve en 35mm
– Protagonizada por August Diehl, actor aleman conocido por Vida Oculta de Terrence Malick y Malditos Bastardos
– Banda sonora original compuesta por Zeltia Montes nominada al Goya 2022 por el Buen Patrón
– Del director nominado al Goya de Desenterrando Sad Hill

Director Biography

Guillermo de Oliveira (Vigo, 1986) is a filmmaker and advertising director from Spain. He started his film career adapting video games to critically acclaimed fiction short films such as ‘Max Payne: Valhalla’ (2012) and ‘Red Dead Redemption: Seth’s Gold’ (2015). His first feature film was Netflix documentary ‘Sad Hill Unearthed’, Best Picture Award New Visions in Sitges Film Festival and nominated to Spanish Academy Award to Best Documentary 2019.