• Director

    Rubén Seca

  • Country, Year, Length

    Spain, 2019, 10 min

  • Category

    Short Narrative

  • Format


  • Festival Year


Crew: Producers: Eduard Perisé González-Aubert – Screenwriters: Rubén Seca
Email: info@ismaelmartin.com

Lucrecia, an ultraconservative Christian, decides to accept the invitation of her granddaughter Marta and attend her Pastafarian communion, which will be officiated by her son Jacobo. Lucrecia sees Pastafarianism as misbeliever conduct and blasphemy to her Christian god. Will she be able to respect her family’s beliefs and not ruin the ceremony?

Rubén Seca (1991) studied the Diploma of Film Direction at the Escola de Cinema de Barcelona (ECIB). He makes a large number of short films there, highlighting “Solitud” (2017), “RAmén” (2019), or “Esculpiendo en la memoria” (2018). The latter, gets more than 25 selections in Festivals and a few awards: winner of the latest edition of the prestigious Notodofilmfest. Currently, he is preparing “Mortis Causa”, produced by the production company Alhena, and starring Paco Tous.