• Director

    Erfan Vahidi

  • Country, Year, Length

    Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2023, 12:32

  • Category


  • Format

    Digital,35mm,sony alpha 7

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THE WORLD OF DANCE: 6 films that you can move to.

April 27, 2024 @ 3:00PM • Kaufman Astoria Studios – Zukor Theatre

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A girl dances with the roots of a tree like a puppet and bites an apple, and then the world is disturbed and the girl is thrown into another world and…


Erfan Vahidi, Director
Erfan Vahidi, Writer
Samira Karimi, Producer
Sara Akef, Key Cast, “the girl”
Amir Fahadan, Key Cast, “the man”
Soheil Heshmati, Director of Photography
Ali Rostami, first assistant director
Matin Mokarimoghadam, second assistant director
Erfan vahidi, Editor
Kayhan coohgard, Sound recorder and sound editor
Kayhan coohgard, Composer
Bahman Hemati, Visual effects
Bahman Hemati, Color and light correction
Fatemeh Soghra Mohammadi, Costume designer
Matin Mokari moghadam, Set designer
Benyamin mohammadi, Makeup artist
Maral Abolghasemi, Script supervisor
mehrdad mousavi, Photographer
parya hajiahmad, Story board

Director Statement

Sometimes you need to go beyond reality if you want to reach the truth.
This film is the truth and my belief about the creation and captivity of human in the world…
Maybe this philosophical opinion of me is so harsh but I am completely honest about it…
This film is actually a manifesto about the subject of our existence in this world that everyone can translate according to their own lived experience. I talked to different people in private screenings of the film and each of They presented a different analysis than the other, even some of them presented a different analysis based on the end credits of the film.

Director Biography

Erfan vahidi( born August 27، 2000)is an iranian film director, screenwriter,producer and editor.
His films are usually in the fantasy genre with philosophical themes.
So far he has made two short films.
His first short film(captain deaf)in the genre of fantasy, science fiction, was about the end of humanity.in this film he was the writer, director and producer.
The name of his second short film is Puppet, written and directed by himself and produced by Samira Karimi, which is in the genre of fantasy and horror. This movie has philosophical themes of human creation. The post-production stages of this film have just been completed and are ready to be sent to festivals.