#MakeUsVisible 2022

  • Director

    Clara Francesca, Anne Wichmann

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2022, 10 minutes

  • Category

    Documentary Short

  • Format


  • Festival Year


Film Screening & Ticket Information

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In Person Festival Date, Time & Location:

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH • 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
The Local • 13-02 44th Ave. • LIC, NY 11101


The Shape of Things: Five films that take a new look at what is all around us.


The story behind #MakeUsVisible 2022, a digital exhibition to fight for gender equity in public spaces and sculptural landscapes, launched in March 2022 lead by The Extended Reality Ensemble (XRE) and co-curator by Musician She’s Excited!, Actor Clara Francesca, Climate Clock’s Katie Peyton Hofstadter, and Pollinate Arte’s Founder Nam Le with participating Augmented Reality Artists Ansh Kumar, Beatrice Glow, Brittany Kurtinecz, Bryce Burrell, Carla Gannis, Chloé Lee, Colette Robbins, Dagmar Schürrer, Erin Ko, Eva Davidova, Hazel Griffiths, Heavenly Androgyne, katiamess, KS Brewer, Lauren Owen, Leah Roh, Lyoubov Touinova / BARBIE BLASTER, Mary Ann Strandell, MEDIACOELI, Meredith Drum, Minne Atairu, N3T4, Rory Scott, Shannon McMullen | Studio McMullen_Winkler, Shehara Ranasinghe, Shirin Anlen, Snow Yunxue Fu, Sophie Kahn, Storm Ritter, Sue Roh, Tabitha Nagy, VOID PEOPLE


Clara Francesca, Director
Anne Wichmann, Director
Maimuna Anika, Writer
Anne Wichmann, Producer
Clara Francesca, Producer
Clara Francesca, Key Cast
Anne Wichmann, Key Cast
Nam Le, Key Cast
Katie Peyton Hofstadter, Key Cast
Ansh Kumar, Key Cast
Beatrice Glow, Key Cast
Brittany Kurtinecz, Key Cast
Bryce Burrell, Key Cast
Carla Gannis, Key Cast
Chloé Lee, Key Cast
Colette Robbins, Key Cast
Dagmar Schürrer, Key Cast
Erin Ko, Key Cast
Eva Davidova, Key Cast
Hazel Griffiths, Key Cast
Heavenly Androgyne, Key Cast
katiamess, Key Cast
KS Brewer, Key Cast
Lauren Owen, Key Cast
Leah Roh, Key Cast
Lyoubov Touinova BARBIE BLASTER, Key Cast
Mary Ann Strandell, Key Cast
Meredith Drum, Key Cast
Minne Atairu, Key Cast
N3T4, Key Cast
Rory Scott, Key Cast
Shannon (Studio McMullen_Winkler) McMullen, Key Cast
Shehara Ranasinghe, Key Cast
Shirin Anlen, Key Cast
Snow Yunxue Fu, Key Cast
Sophie Kahn, Key Cast
Storm Ritter, Key Cast
Sue Roh, Key Cast
Tabitha Nagy, Key Cast
Maimuna Anika, Editor

Director Statement

XRE, the Extended Reality Ensemble, brings digital artists together with non-digital artists to foster international, interdisciplinary cultural works that transcend realities. The co-curating #MakeUsVisible team alongside XRE are rallying for a more gender inclusive world through Augmented Reality. And this is just the beginning of our story.

Director Biography

Maimuna Anika: “I directed this documentary for #MakeUsVisible with the hope to be a part of the journey where different groups of minorities are being remembered and recognized, and given the value they deserve. The project #MakeUsVisible is not only bringing the conversation of inclusivity, but is also bringing different means of new media like Augmented Reality. That is what made me excited to work for this documentary. While watching this film, I want the viewers to not only be informed about the project, but also think about their own city’s sculptural landscape and get involved in the conversation of inclusivity.”