• Director

    Liza Rafael

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2019, 01:18:13

  • Category

    Narrative Feature

  • Format

    4k Digital

  • Festival Year



A journalist searches for answers in love when unseen forces control the men in her town.


Liza Rafael – Writer, Director, & Producer
Linda O’Dell – Producer
Caitlin Burt – “Jessica Collins”
Bobby Laenen – “Dan Collins”
Meradi Ramirez – “Victoria”
Larissa Marten – “Nicole”
Gregory Dockery – “Gregg”
D.J. Oliver – “Stephan”
Ian Lang – “Brian”

Director Statement

Standing on a golf course in a bridesmaid dress wondering how at age 22, some people are ready to bond themselves to another person for the rest of their life might not seem like a moment of inspiration, but I had an epiphany that night. For the past 10 years, I’ve been trying to distill that feeling into a counter-argument to all the romantic comedies and popular culture that have filled the heads of women and girls to make them think that they aren’t complete unless they find “the one” before their expiration date (which in Hollywood is about 25). All women are valid in the paths they choose, and no one should tell them otherwise.

So in this film, I want to let the women (and men) watching know that every individual gets to decide how they approach life. No matter what outside forces might say or do, you shouldn’t feel pressured into huge decisions. Sometimes it takes time to make decisions about what you want to do, and that is okay. And sometimes the decisions you make aren’t great, and that’s okay too. No one is perfect.

As someone who’s known she was going to make movies from age 13, I’ve felt let down by Hollywood in the representation of my point of view in this particular genre. When women don’t get nearly enough screen time, to begin with, it hurts more when you can’t see yourself in it. I’m making this movie for all women to have the opportunity to see themselves in something richer than your basic boy meets girl story. I want you to see yourself on the screen.

This is a romantic comedy with a twist toward the sci-fi realm and a dash of thriller. Our leading lady doesn’t know what’s going on in her small town to make every man she encounters try to pursue her romantically after her best friend gets married, but she’s going to find out. We hope you come along on this journey to find out what it means when you say love happens.

Director Biography

Liza Rafael is a New York transplant from Omaha, Nebraska, and has made two films. Her first film is a documentary called Leave It on the Stage and her second film is the fiction feature Love Happens.