How We Remember

  • Director

    Joshua Estrada, Cait McCarthy

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2022, 10 minutes 25 seconds

  • Category

    Narrative Short

  • Format


  • Festival Year


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In Person Date, Time & Location:

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH •  9:15 pm – 11:15 pm
KAS Zukor • 35th St. • Long Island City, NY 11106


Trepidation: Seven films that will make you tremble.


THOMAS (20s) is getting ready to go to his sister CLEMENTINE’S funeral when he gets a message from his MOM asking where he is and instead decides to take a look into her room. While looking at the items in her room, strange happenings begin to occur. First her face is blurred out in a family picture, and then the music coming from Thomas’s headphones begins to warp. When Thomas is confronted head on with her ghost, he is scared away from going to the funeral all together. Instead, Thomas attends a therapy session with his therapist DR.BENES, who encourages Thomas to work through his grief through memory. Thomas does his best to reject this while continually being haunted by Clemetnine throughout the session. Dr.Benes guides Thomas through an exercise where Thomas is transported to the last argument and place with Clementine, where the two fought over dirty dishes. Through this Thomas breaks down and finally begins to process the large amount of grief her sudden death has caused him. Thomas goes back to his apartment and sees the family picture with clear smiling faces and he goes to the kitchen to call his mother and finally do the dishes.


Joshua Estrada, Director
Cait McCarthy, Director
Cait McCarthy, Writer
Sam Jaccaci, Writer
Will Gounary, Director of Photography
Joshua Estrada, Producer
Theo Jacques, Key Cast, “Thomas”
Sophie Penn, Key Cast, “Clementine”
Scott Sophos, Key Cast, “Theraphist ”

Director Statement

The reason why we made this film is to explore topics of grief through a psychological thriller. Furthermore, push the genre of psychological thrillers by having the film take place during the day. How We Remember portrays the difficult and challenging task of grief through Thomas.

Director Biography

Cait McCarthy is an American filmmaker from New Canaan, Connecticut. Currently, Cait is a junior at Connecticut College majoring in Film studies, minoring in Art and Media, Rhetoric, and Communication. Her spark in creating films ignited in late high school during her junior year. For most of her life she was eager to consume and create stories that moved people, however, short stories and poetry wasn’t cutting it at the time, so once she took a leap and turned to the medium of film, she found the path that she was meant to be on. While her main focus in film is in creating stories that will invoke emotion and conversation, her recent studies abroad at FAMU international in Prague, Czech Republic have dared her to step out of her writing nook and challenge herself with something new while working on the film How We Remember.

Joshua Estrada is a Mexican American filmmaker from Denver, Colorado. At a young age, Joshua became passionate about using filmmaking as a storytelling tool to explore narratives on social justice, Mexican American identity, grief, and family. Joshua aspires to use films to spark engaging discourse among the greater community to provoke dialogue surrounding social issues through narrative films and film installations. Joshua is currently a senior at Connecticut College, double majoring in Film Studies and English. Recently, Joshua studied abroad at FAMU international in Prague, where he worked on the film How We Remember.