• Director

    Daniele Martinis

  • Country, Year, Length

    Italy, 2021, 8:00

  • Category

    Narrative Short

  • Format


  • Festival Year



Thousands of migrants work in Italian farmlands, most of them are irregular, they live in dehumanizing conditions, and their work is underpaid and has no legal protection.

These faceless men and women are the ones who daily guarantee the food on the table of the Italian population. So, the survival of everybody partly depends on the work of these people, on the boxes they fill every day. What would happen if these men and women, at any moment, disappeared from these farmlands?

“Fogo” is inspired by the writings of Fanon and Sartre, it imagines a world without the “Damned of the earth,” a fire that burns crops and disrupts the lives and habits of those who sit at the table every day, sure they will find a meal on it.


Daniele Martinis – Writer, Director, Producer
Taha El Ouaer – Writer
Whyworry production – Producer
Redigital – Producer
Lorenzo Casadio Vannucci – Director of Photography
Mokadelic – Original Soundtrack
Diego Panadisi – VFX producer
Marco Abbruzzese – Compositor
Lucio Leoni – Narrator
Alice Iammartino – 1st Assistant Director
Idrissa Diallo – “Key Cast”