• Director

    Jonathan Taub, Leandro Taub

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2020, 01:23:00

  • Category

    Narrative Feature

  • Format


  • Festival Year



A revolutionary businessman tries to conquer the world with $2,000.


Leandro Taub – “Joseph”
Elizabeth Ehrlich – “She”
Christian Bargados – “Zeta”

Director Statement

EXTERNO is a film where we try to unveil the political, economic, and cultural reality that we see globally. Many of us are losing our moral compass in the un-peaceful pursuit of power. The film is set as the story of a person who tries (and succeeds) conquering the entire world to improve it, with the cost of millions of lives destroyed and bringing the third world war to our planet. Each scene of the film is a manifesto of a reality that is currently happening in the stock market, governments, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, real estate industry, drug trafficking, among other areas that wear a costume to hide a fractured reality of which we would like to pay special attention as an important step for change.
Our wish for this film is to be loud. To provoke reflection, dialogue, and eventually change. It is framed into a story that possesses a highly artistic intensity achieved through the hard work of a team of young talented artists who knew how to capture it on film.

Director Biography

As an author, Leandro Taub wrote 27 books, among which are: ‘The Hidden Mind,’ ‘Homemade Wisdom,’ and ‘The Anarchist.’ He gave more than 400 conference lectures to tens of thousands of people from Latin America, Asia, and Europe. As an actor, he worked in feature films and art films, including ‘Endless Poetry’ by Alejandro Jodorowsky, ‘Woodwind’ by Fin Manjoo, and ‘An Innocent Mind Has No Fear’ by Ralf Schmerberg. As an entrepreneur and economist, he co-founded an investment advisory company, a film production company, a multimedia agency, and a publishing company. Also, he is an advisor to individuals in spiritual and life issues.

Jonathan Taub is an Argentinean designer and filmmaker living and working in Mexico City and Berlin. He was born in San Carlos de Bariloche in 1987. Jonathan has worked in various mediums-fiction films, documentaries, mini-series, and advertisements over the past years. He is often involved in collaborative projects that playfully intend to explore and expose the highs and lows of the human condition. His work usually incorporates an immersive visual and musical component to them. EXTERNO is the first feature film directed by Jonathan and Leandro Taub (AKA Taub Brothers), screening 2021. He is currently working in the post-production of the TV mini-series “Inspire,” the production of the documentary “Food Wasting, “ and collaborating in the development of a new feature film.