• Director

    Morvarid Kashiyan

  • Country, Year, Length

    Iran, 2019, 15min

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Cast: Saeed Eshtiaghi, Anahita Dorri, HamidReza Mohammadi , Farid Sajjadi Hosainy
Crew: Producers: Morvarid Kashiyan – Screenwriters: Morvarid Kashiyan

It is a story of a transsexual. A boy who feels like a girl. He is a stage actor and has fallen in love with his director. He would like to have a sex change and becomes a girl but his conservative father does not approve of this. He is trying to persuade his father and confess his love to the director…

Morvarid Kashiyan: I was born on the 23rd of January in 1987 in Tehran. I have been keen on Art since I was a child and I used to sing. At the age of 10 , I fell in love with cinema after watching the movie Titanic and told myself that this is the job I am looking for. I studied Fashion designing at Tehran university and I designed clothes and worked in an Art gallery for a while. At the same time, I embarked on watching films and reading many books to learn about cinema. Gradually, I managed to enter cinema and follow my dreams step by step. Some of the works I have done in the cinema and the rewards I have received during these years : Acting in the movie “I Detest The Dawn” Making the short film “The Scallop” Award for the fourth movie in the Pasargard festival for “The Scallop” Acting in the movie “Green like Emerald” Nominee for the best supporting actress for “Green like Emerald” in the international Yaas festival. Acting in the movie “Death of Fish” Production design and Clothes design for the movie “white Like Pearl” Production design and Clothes design for the movie “Red like Agate” Winner for the best production and clothes design in the international Yaas festival for the movie “White Like Pearl” Acting and clothes design for the movie “Dark Room” Acting and the clothes design for the movie “The Salmon”

Filmmaker’s Note

As a child, I was totally into this distant relative of mine who was like no other girl I’d already seen. Years later, she changed her sex to male, got married and was quite a successful person and always stayed on my mind. All my life I’ve been drawn to odd individuals, trying to get to know them. Every time I did, I realized how lonely they are and what misbehaviors they go through only because of being homosexual or transexual. After studying about them, I started to talk to them so I found out about the story of their lives; all in pain. Most of them excluded from family and society with barely a few to love them and a poor job condition and social position. Even if accepted by the family, after sex change the society wouldn’t have the proper perspective towards them and that sounds pretty disappointing making me think so much about it and decide to write and make this film just to show how hard this oddness turns to be and how much we need to humanely regard this and start to love each other.