• Director

    Anne Hollowday

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2018, 5min

  • Category


  • Format

    Digital (screening) – Super 16mm, archival footage (shooting)

  • Festival Year


Crew: Producers: 100 Year Films

An exploration of the ways we perform and perceive gender in the world today. With a metaphorical play-on-words approach, Bird Watching uses real-life documentary interviews and carefully curated archive footage to examine how women are seen.

Filmmaker’s Note

Anne Hollowday is a NYC-based director creating effective and cinematic films that preserve the freshness of a lived encounter. Her award winning work is emotionally resonant and deeply human. Combining both documentary and narrative techniques, she creates a compelling intimacy at the heart of all her work. Equal parts authentic, magical and poignant, she weaves a sublime tableau using light, color and composition to convey vast amounts of visual information with a formal sensuality. Her cinematic eye has enabled collaborations with the likes of Porsche, Google, Uber and Nokia, across a variety of commercial and branded content projects. Her work has garnered recognition from across the industry with inclusion in both the 1.4 and Shoot Magazine’s New Directors Showcases, as well as being awarded by the One Club, American Photography, AICP and others. She has shot in over twenty countries; from the world’s biggest slum in India, to remote villages in the Amazon rainforest – with Hollywood actors, pro athletes and CEOs to survivors of tragedies and kids in schools. Her first fiction short about female friendship and the sublime screened at film festivals in the US and Europe and won best short film at the 1.4 Awards. When not directing, you can find her putting her craft to work in film photography and a variety of original writing projects.