Become the Wounded

  • Director

    Amir Zargara

  • Country, Year, Length

    Canada, 2021, 35 minutes

  • Category

    LGBTQIA+ Short

  • Format

    Blackmagic raw 4.6k and 6k
  • Festival Year


Film Screening & Ticket Information

When & Where to See this Film!

Date, Time & Location:

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH • 10:15 pm – 12:15 am
KAS Zukor • 35th St. • Long Island City, NY 11106


Baggage: Five films that remind us that sometimes you just have to let it go.


A couple tries to mend old wounds, but realize it’s not about fixing things – it’s about true empathy.


  • Amir Zargara, Director
  • Gabe Berry, Writer
  • Amir Zargara, Story by
  • Gabe Berry, Story by
  • Amir Zargara, Producer
  • Trinh Kien, Co-producer
  • Weggon Allen, Executive Producer
  • Fitch Jean, Executive Producer
  • Jelani Lewis, Associate Producer
  • Zach Princi, Associate Producer
  • Kaburere Ganda, Associate Producer
  • Fitch Jean, Director of Photography
  • Amir Zargara, Production Design
  • Amir Zargara, Costume Design
  • Fitch Jean, Editor
  • Caroline-Jayne Gleave, Composer
  • Hadi Pourkerman, VFX
  • Amir Zargara, Casting
  • Andrea Holstein, Key Cast, “Kate”
  • Andrea Pavlovic, Key Cast, “Jen”
  • Dylan Farley, Key Cast, “William”
  • Eton Lawrence, Key Cast, “James”
  • Evangeline Kemi Ashabo, Key Cast, “Baby William”
  • Isaiah Seun Ashabo, Key Cast, “2 year old William”
  • Abubakar Eniola Nureni Yussuff, Camera Operator
  • Abubakar Eniola Nureni Yussuff, Steadicam operator
  • Jacob Conley, 1st AC
  • Sammy Mohamed, 2nd AC
  • Kerbens Boisette, 3rd AC
  • Mathew Fentiman Cacciato, Still Photographer
  • Mathew Fentiman Cacciato, Operator Guide
  • Larry Munn, Gaffer
  • Larry Munn, Key Grip
  • Jelan Maxwell, Best Boy
  • Charles Paquin, Production Sound Mixer
  • Marc Jure, Production Assistant
  • Marie Jou Comilang-Costales, Sound design
  • Marie Jou Comilang-Costales, Sound Mix
  • Nelly Monk, Opera Singer
  • Artsiom Zartaiski, Colorist
  • Byron Pascoe, Lawyer
  • Taste Sweet Life, Catering
  • Darren Burrowes, Thanks to
  • Angie’s Models and Talent, Thanks to
  • William Smith, Thanks to
  • Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Thanks to
  • Angela White, Thanks to
  • Korosh Sharif, Thanks to
  • Amy and Tyrone Farley, Thanks to
  • Anna and Ife Ashabo, Thanks to

Director Statement

How did it come about?
The origin of the idea comes from a conversation Amir had with his mom about her 2 miscarriages before she had him.
We were also trying to tackle familiar family issues, though everything seemed a bit too redundant and overdone. Once we were able to come up with our new premise which required 2 female LGBTQIA+ characters, the project was instantly elevated by 10x with a breath of fresh air.

What do we hope to achieve with the project?
We would like to reach an audience who has a built-in biased towards the LGBTQIA+ community and make them feel for these characters by showing them struggle to deal with relatable topics such as infertility and infidelity all whilst trying to raise a child. The goal is to get them to see these characters as people period not as “LGBTQIA+ females”. We are hopeful that the audience is able to empathize with these characters and will eventually channel that into their everyday life in order to not let their bias get in the way of mistreating the LGBTQIA+ community members in any way for years to come.

Why now?
The last year will always be remembered as a difficult year, but at the end of the day, the only thing that could help us move forward and truly understand one another’s point of view is true empathy which is at the core of this project and the title behind it.

Director Biography

Amir Zargara is an Iranian-Canadian writer, director, and producer. He has been telling stories from a young age in various formats, but professionally since 2018 with his first original play titled “Leave No Man Behind”. Since then, he has worked on a few short films, various commercials, music videos, and short docs.

His films have won 15 awards and have competed in 80 Film Festivals with 9 Finalist and 4 Semi-finalist finishes; French Riviera, Raindance, Flicker’s Rhode Island, Tirana, Nashville to name a few.

Notable achievements: Vimeo Staff Pick, Nowness, Stage 32 winner, distributed by The Criterion Channel and Air Canada, Canada Arts Council “Concept to Realization” recipient 2021, Producer at UNILEARNAL, a not-for-profit that creates educational content that highlights the experiences of BIPOC people, as well as addressing the lack of diversity on Canadian screens and within the country’s media industry by providing and maintaining spaces and opportunities for BIPOC people.