Al Final de la Calle

  • Director

    Victor Grullón

  • Country, Year, Length

    Dominican Republic, 2022, 16 minutes

  • Category

    Narrative Short

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  • Festival Year


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Date, Time & Location:

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH • 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
The Local • 13-02 44th Ave. • LIC, NY 11101


It’s Complicated: Five films that dive into who we are.


Rafael “El Caballo” García is a professional baseball player who has just lost the most important game of his career. When his mother dies, he has to return to the town where he grew up and face the ghosts of his past. As if this were not enough, he finds out that he has been suspended for the use of steroids and this puts his baseball future in doubt.


Victor Grullón, Director, Azul
Victor Grullón, Writer, Azul
Cesar Hernández, Producer, Dolores Shortfilm, Azul Shortfilm
JP Brown, Key Cast, “El Caballo”Azul, Watchlist Sign In EN Whole day, Whole Week, Whole Months…
Francis Mateo, Key Cast, “Moreno”Fran Gil, Notario/P.I., About Colonia

Director Statement

Since I can remember I love baseball. As a fan, I always saw these athletes as perfect heroes from whom we had to demand the maximum in their performance and when they did not comply with what was demanded by us fans, the feeling of repudiation and the void left by the failure of our hero came.

Filming a documentary with old baseball glories which narrated their anecdotes of success and failures. In these interviews I can see from their stories the complex relationship these athletes had with their families. Many left everything to become what they were and achieved. Sometimes their speeches unconsciously deviated from what they were normally used to saying. In those stories, a story of one of these players came to light, who had a difficult childhood, mistreated by his father, who demanded that the child excel in baseball in order to achieve a better future based on him. Luckily for the father, this became a reality and the young man was signed and taken to the United States where the family later took up residence. Time passes and the young man reached the big leagues and distanced himself from his father, although the family was still in contact with his mother. I began to build the story based on this story, knowing that the old glory that told it omitted an important part of the story. After a while, the player, after having his best season, tests positive for the use of substances prohibited by the Major Leagues. He tried to appeal but ended up serving the 80 games he was sentenced to. He himself did not re-sign with any professional baseball team, having his best campaign in his long stay in the majors. The Horse, as I decided to call him, entered the retreat without anyone knowing what had happened to him and his career

Director Biography

Victor Grullón was born in Santiago de los caballeros, Dominican Republic. A participated in national and international productions: Sharktopus vs Mermatula, Sharktopus vs Whalewolf, Devil Due. Nationals: The color of the night, La Soga, Criptico, Tropico de Sangre, Juana, Correspondence, Die in Montecristi, Aire. After these experiences he decided to start his first feature film “Salvame”. Premiered in 2016 at the independent film festival of Santiago, IFFIC. Then to be projected in the “New York City Independent Film Fest”. In 2017 he produced together with his company Nidolab “San Miguel” released in January 2017 at the Dominican Global Film Festival. And picked at the New York City Independent Film Fest and Dominican Film Fest festivals in Ny.