• Director

    Wagner Cinelli

  • Country, Year, Length

    Brazil, 2020, 5:00

  • Category

    Animated Short

  • Format


  • Festival Year



ABOUT HER deals with a sad and unfortunate issue: domestic violence against women. It is the story of a relationship marked by inequality and violence in which the male partner abusive behavior grows daily. Besides physical and psychological aggressions imposed on women, death could be one of the outcomes. At the end of the day, these abusive men frequently become killers in their own homes. Due to the alarming numbers of feminicide worldwide, it is urgent: we must talk about it.


Wagner Cinelli – Director – Stay Home, and Pindorama
Wagner Cinelli – WriterK – ekere, Acaiaca, Boulevard, Mandacaru, Saudades do Raul e Fire Musical Notes
Giane Zimmer – Executive Producer
Com Dominio Filmes – ProducerMemória em Verde e Rosa, Estrada de Sonhos, and Pulmão da Arquibancada
Daniel Zimmer – Production Assistants
Gabriela Zimmer – Production Assistants
Lucas Chewie – Art Director / Animation Director / Character Design / Storyboard & AnimaticFire Musical Notes, and Contramão
Alexandre S. Matos – Illustrators
Catarina Niéro – Illustrators
Emanuel Barroso – Illustrators
Gabriela Zogbi – Illustrators
Isis Muniz – Illustrators
Lucas Chewie – Illustrators
Matheus Henrique de Souza – Illustrators
Patricia Pieratti – Illustrators
Paulo ImonIllustrators
Anizio Lobo – Animation Assistants
Gabriel Faria – Animation Assistants
Dudi Brit – oScenery
Jaka Red – Scenery
Julius Barbosa – Scenery
Lucas Chewie – Scenery
Márcia Monteiro – Scenery
Lucas Chewie – Mounting & Editing
Clementino Junior – Collaborators
Gisele Carvalho – Collaborators
Helena Duarte dos SantosC – ollaborators
Jansen Raveira – Collaborators
Larissa Meyer – Collaborators
Marcio de Castro – Collaborators
Marcos Vinicio – Collaborators
Olívia Duarte dos Santos – Collaborators
Pablo Henrique – Collaborators
Pedro Barreto – Collaborators
Raquel Duarte – Collaborators
Tomás Magariños – Video Mastering
Gabinete de Artes – Credits Design
Bando Sonoro – Audio Design Studio
Bruno Armelin – Sound Design
Gabriel Barcelos – Sound Editing Assistant
Wagner Cinelli – Sound Track
Urca Bossa Jazz – Arrangements
Didier Fernan – Bass
Paulinho Criança – Drums
Tino Junior – Flute & Sax
Wagner Cinelli – Piano
La Maison E – studioRecording, Mixing & Mastering
Didier Fernan – Audio Engineer

Director Biography

Wagner Cinelli is a composer, pianist, and also criminologist. He started producing music videos of his songs in 2015. The first video was SAUDADES DO RAUL, a tribute to Raul Seixas. Several others have been made, and some of them are themed on social causes, like ACAIACA (the story of the extermination of a tribe in just one night) and KEKERE (on racial discrimination). His first work as a director was the music video STAY HOME (on the need for social isolation during the Covid-19 massive spread).