Yashodhara the Buddha’s Wife

  • Director

    Neha Lohia

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2022, 19 minutes 20 seconds

  • Category

    Narrative Short

  • Format

    BlackMagic Raw

  • Festival Year


Film Screening & Ticket Information

When & Where to See this Film!



In Person Date, Time & Location:

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH • 7:00 pm – 9:15 pm
Flushing Town Hall • 137-35 Northern Blvd. • Queens, NY 11354


Voices of India: Two films that speak to our hearts.


We all know of the Buddha but how many of us know of the wife and the child he left behind on the night of his child birth because he wanted to go seek enlightenment. This the story of Yashodhara, the Buddha’s wife. He left, she stayed. He came back awakened after 12 years only to realise so did she! Partake of this long pending healing conversation and witness this intense, intimate, epic tale of love, loss and suffering which became a portal to both their enlightening.


A film by: Neha Lohia (Writer, Director, Producer, Editor)

Cast :
Nelly Munoz as Yashodhara
William Carabano as Buddha

DOP: Stephen Cohen
2nd Camera: Tisa Chigaga
Drone Operator: Michael Gallo
Assistant Director: Michael Gallo
Assistant Editor: Bohan Chen
Grading, Color Correction: Nitesh Chandra
CG: Amit Jalan (Image Devices Studio)

Film score composer:
Andrea Scarsi
Shyam Lala
Rk Bikramjit Singh

Sanjukta Sen
Bernedette Katona

Sound Editing: Vera Manuel Juan
Sound Recording: Boby Lohat
Camera Assistant: Henry Negrete
Production Assistant: Anjani Prasad Alturi (A.P.)
Still Photographer & Location Scout: Rob Klein
Hair and Makeup: Angelica Lucia
Costume: Pramila Lohia, Nitish Chandra, Rahul Mishra
Craft Services: Rita Gill, Geeta Ji
Location (*Snug Harbour): Jenny Kelly
Location (*Central Park): Stephan McConkey

Director Statement

Yashodhara The Buddha’s Wife is a project of lifetime for me. This is one of those stories that have been in the hiding for thousands of years and it needs to be told. This epic figure, Yashodhara, has been part of my personal healing journey for over 8+ years. I have been researching this woman, and historic data for 6+ years and it has taken me to many places and got me access to resources from many learned people on the subject. I wish to make this project into a massive episodic WEB/TV Series, a movie series and a book as well. This work here is a small proof of concept that shows 1 scene as a short film from THE HEART WRENCHING AND ENLIGHTENING LIFE OF QUEEN YASHODHARA. I hope it stirs open an enquiry about this epic character and lets the world see this story for the first time from her eyes.

Director Biography

I am a multi-passionate creator, storyteller at heart, and filmmaker by profession. I see myself as a student of life. I Write, Direct, Produce and Film original content, short films, web series, features, advertising, branded content, and social content, almost anything that’s creatively calling. My fav genres are all things that are spiritually nourishing, healing, Women oriented subjects, fashion and anything that contributes to enhancement of lifestyle. I have recently worked on 3 short films, 1 documentary, 1 web show pilot, 1 short biopic film which is a proof of concept for a feature, and 1 musical which are in various stages of completion. I am beyond excited and thrilled at the potential of storytelling and its capacity to help heal wounds of lifetimes, bring people together, open hearts and raise consciousness.