It’s Spring…

  • Director

    Roman Musheghyan

  • Country, Year, Length

    Armenia, 2022, 1 hour 45 minutes 27 seconds

  • Category

    Narrative Feature

  • Format


  • Festival Year


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Date, Time & Location:

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH •  12:30 pm – 3:30 pm
MoMI Bartos • 36-01 35th Ave • Queens, NY 11106


It’s Spring: The father – son relationship can be a battlefield.


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Aram Amatuni is a retired special forces spy who has devoted his entire life to serving and protecting his country and to creating a lawful government. His son, Gnel, is a successful businessman who to this day hasn’t forgiven his father for putting the needs of his country before the needs of his own family. This conflict between father and son reaches its climax when Amatuni’s grandson, a talented violinist who has the opportunity to study in one of the best European music academies, inspired by his grandfather’s ideology goes against his own father’s wishes and enlists in the mandatory military service from which his father has freed him using all of his connections. The unexpected war further severs the father-son relationship, leading Amatuni to take a road of no return.


  • Roman Musheghyan, Director
  • Harout Ghukassian, Writer
  • Alexander Khachatryan, Producer
  • Alexander Khachatryan, Key Cast, “Aram Amatuni”
  • Levon Hakhverdyan, Key Cast, “Levon”
  • Armen Margaryan, Key Cast, “Gnel”
  • Marjan Avetisyan, Key Cast
  • Yeva Zohrabyan, Key Cast
  • Shant Hovhannisyan, Key Cast
  • Alis Kaplanjyan, Key Cast
  • Toomaj Danesh Behzadi, Key Cast

Director Biography

Roman Musheghyan was born in 1980 in Yerevan, Armenia. He graduated from the Film Directing department of Armenia’s Pedagogical University. During his years of study, Roman directed several short films which were presented to many international film festivals and won several awards (Ikar Armenia, Golden Dolphine, Armenia, Berlinale Talent Campus(Germany) Oscariada, Poland, Europe Film Festival(United Kingdom). He has worked with Armenian and Russian film productions directing feature films and television shows. In 2016 Roman moved to Los Angeles where he studied and graduated from the American Film Institute’s Creative Producing department in 2022. He, also, served on a jury at the Golden Eye International film festival in Georgia.

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Producer and Lead:  Alexander Khachatryan

Alexander Khachatryan was born in 1947 in Yerevan, Armenia. He graduated from Armenia’s National Academy of Theater Arts and has been acting ever since then.  Alexander Khachatryan started his acting career in 1973 in Armenian National Academy Theatre of Sundukian, and HyeFilm studios. Throughout his acting career, he has been in lead roles of over 30 movies and over dozens of series produced by major movie studios of the former Soviet Union (Mosfilm, Lenfilm, Hyefilm, Tajikfilm, etc.)  together with Armenian Film studios. After moving to the United States in 1991, he produced, directed and acted in several plays. Then in 2006, Alexander was invited to return to Armenia to star in television series “Cost of Life” followed by “The Return” and other feature films. Alexander received Best Actor Award in 2017 Scandinavian International Film Festival for his lead role in the film  The Last Inhabitant.  The feature film It’s Spring… (Գարուն ա…) is Alexander Khachatryan’s debut as a producer.