In C, Too

  • Director

    Dean Winkler, John Sanborn

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2023, 4:35

  • Category

    Animation, Experimental, Short, Other

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INTERCONNECTEDNESS: 2 films about blending imagination with reality.

April 19, 2024 @ 4:30PM • MoMI Redstone

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“In C, Too” illuminates how close our dreams are to a common reality. Through structured visual improvisational techniques, the work explores how humanity survives because of our imagination and desire to transcend. “In C, Too” is also an origin story, operating in renunciation to mortality, focused on life’s essentials – existence, exploration and how entropy ignites evolution.

Beginning with landscapes of perception, a quartet of dancers metamorphose, fluidly flowing from surface, to density, to a higher state of being; surrounded by synapses firing, and concentric shapes, suggesting the unceasing nature of forces greater us. Viewers are left with the impression that chaos and order coexist, they are not opposites but two views of the energy of the universe.

“In C, Too” is the sequel to “ACT III,” which Winkler and Sanborn created with the music of Philip Glass in 1983. In that seminal piece the artists reimagined the world as composed of contours, symbols and analog video-inspired transformations to visualize Glass’ score. Defiantly abstract, yet filled with human touches and multiple artistic references, the work functioned as a cry of liberation and operated as an original work of media art (named one of the 100 Masterworks of Media Art by Dr. Peter Weibel and the ZKM), and a music/video for the avant-garde. And, yes, it played on MTV.

Separated by 40 years, both pieces use the language of virtuosic video-making to celebrate the power and freedom of transformation, leaning into apophenia, the human tendency to seek patterns for sense-making.

Elena Ruehr wrote “In C, Too” in honor of the 80th birthday of the legendary composer Terry Riley. She describes the work as “a playful romp that explores the pitch C in various tonal guises, and some ragtime.”

Created by Dean Winkler and John Sanborn
Music composed by Elena Ruehr
Performed by Sarah Cahill
From the album “Eighty Trips Around the Sun”


Dean Winkler, Director
John Sanborn, Director
Elena Ruehr, Music Composed by
Sarah Cahill, Music Performed By
KJ Dahlaw, Dancers
Erin Yen, Dancers
Jamielyn Duggan, Dancers
Caitlin Hicks, Dancers
Roger Jones, Director of Photography
Gene Curley, Colorist

Director Biography

Dean Winkler is a NYC-based film/television engineer and video artist.
Career highlights include: Senior Engineer Production and Post Production, Doha Film Institute, supervising the production, post production and display of nine boundary-pushing immersive films for the new National Museum of Qatar; Executive Producer / CTO of Crossroads Films and Co-Founder/ President of Post Perfect.

Winkler has collaborated / co-directed numerous video art projects including: Act III (1983) with John Sanborn and Philip Glass (named one of the 100 Masterworks of Media Art by ZKM), Good Morning Mr. Orwell (1984) with Nam June Paik, This Is The Picture with Laurie Anderson and Peter Gabriel (1984), Perfect Lives (1984) with Robert Ashley, Luminaire (1986) with John Sanborn, Continuum (1990) with Maureen Nappi, 140 Characters (2017) with Maureen Nappi and Don Butler and Our America (2021) with Don Butler.

Winkler holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. He holds a US patent on a unique dual reference digital-to-analog converter. His work has been recognized with over 45 Emmy, BDA/Promax, Monitor, ACM Siggraph, Telley, film festival and other awards. He is also an accomplished with aviator who has earned Skydiving, Rotorcraft-Helicopter and Glider licenses.

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John Sanborn has been called “a key member of the second wave of American video artists that included Bill Viola, Gary Hill, and Dara Birnbaum” by Dr. Peter Weibel, director of the ZKM. Sanborn’s career spans the early days of experimental video art in the 1970s through the heyday of 80’s MTV music/videos and 90’s interactive art to digital media art of today. His work has been exhibited, screened and broadcast hundreds of times since 1978.

Recent projects include live video/theater performances of God in 3 Persons, a collaboration with The Residents, at MoMA NY; commissions from the National Museum of Qatar, the City of Berkeley, and Jeu de Paume, Paris; solo exhibitions at Galerie Tokomona, Paris; Telematic Media Arts and 836M, San Francisco; and the premiere of The Friend, starring John Cameron Mitchell, at Festival Videoformes. In 2022 the ZKM presented a retrospective exhibition of Sanborn’s work which includes a monograph, to be published in October 2023.

John Sanborn holds an honorary Master of Cinema degree from ESEC, Paris; and named a Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by the Minister of Culture of France. Sanborn’s YouTube channel has over 22 million views and over 101,000 subscribers.

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