Dos Bros Force

  • Director

    Jyothi Kalyan Sura

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2023, 15:00

  • Category

    Family Friendly Short

  • Format

    Arri Alexa ST, Arri Amira

  • Festival Year


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KINSHIP: 4 films about the need to connect.

April 27, 2024 @ 12:30PM • MoMI Bartos

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In a struggling immigrant household, a little girl’s birthday wish, and her brother’s well-intentioned mistake teach their workaholic father that being present for their family is as important as working for their future.


Jyothi Kalyan Sura, Director, The Lie Game, Master & Apprentice
Jyothi Kalyan Sura, Writer, The Lie Game, Master & Apprentice, Third Time Lucky
Jyothi Kalyan Sura, Producer
James Canellos, Producer, Chindia, Goldfish
Vijaykumar Mirchandani, Co-Producer, Raj-Lost & Found, LIV, Zoe, Le Chant De Fusils, Coming Out with the help of a Time Machine, To Be Forgotten, Stranger in the Room, Red Rose, Divide Time To Breathe, The Last Jam Jar, Paese Che Vai, Love Can’t Be Locked Down, The Process, Habaneros, Where The Streets Have No Name
Rita Meher, Co-Producer, Coming Out with the help of a Time Machine
Anisha Ruth Arlagadda, Key Cast, “Isha”
Viravara Shetty, Key Cast, “Vicky”, Third Time Lucky, Family Man
Shalini Bathina, Key Cast, “Rekha”, Little Voices, Long Slow Exhale, The Lie Game
Sri Chilukuri, Key Cast, “Jay”, Welcome to Chippendales, You
Adriana Serrato, DOP, Lamb, Gynarchy, OMI
Vishnu Perumal, EditorYou are Never Here, Love in the Rain
Nymisha Gummadi, Production Design, Tahanan
Alex Bologna, Sound Edit & Design, The Show, Black Whole

Director Statement

Dos Bros Force (the power of siblings) is a deeply personal film that portrays two sides of the immigrant experience – the wide-eyed wonder of dreamy kids and the harsh realities of the all-sacrificing parents. For an immigrant, happiness is a magical destination somewhere in the future. We spend our lives toiling for a work permit, a permanent resident card, or a citizen status that would help us build a secure future for our family, all while ignoring our physical and mental well-being and often leaving our families for weeks or months, owing to work pressures.
Like many of my family and friends I too am stuck in the relentless pursuit of the elusive American Dream. Discussions with other immigrants all end up with the same stories. However, in most of these stories, one perspective is lost – that of immigrant kids who only want to cherish the present. Witnessing the struggles of kids longing for their always-at-work parents forced me to re-evaluate my own life. That was when Dos Bros Force took shape.

While the plot of the film is based on my love for video games and my childhood misadventures with my elder brother, the overarching future vs present theme is a reflection of my own struggles and the struggles of countless other immigrants in the US.

With the film, I want to open a conversation so that parents and kids can connect with each other and understand what’s really important to them. The film is a thank you note to my brother and all siblings who love and protect their bratty brothers and sisters. It is a dedication to my parents and every parent who sacrifices their lives for their kids.

Besides being a nuanced portrayal of the immigrant struggle, Dos Bros Force ultimately is a universal movie about love – the love that forces a brother to steal for his sister; a wife to confront her husband; and a father to realize that being present for his family is as important as working for their future.

Director Biography

A Writer, Director, Producer, and Visual Effects (VFX) Supervisor, Kalyan Sura is a virtuoso storyteller from South India who built his reputation by making key contributions to independent productions and multi-million-dollar Hollywood blockbusters.

Kalyan pursued Computer Science Engineering at India’s premier technology institute where, ironically, he discovered his love for visual storytelling. Having taught himself animation, Kalyan achieved the rare distinction of being the first and only student-instructor in his university by teaching a course on ‘Fundamentals of 3D Animation.’

Kalyan joined DreamWorks Animation India as their youngest Technical Director (TD) where he contributed to critically and commercially acclaimed films like How To Train Your Dragon 2. In May 2018, Kalyan completed his Master’s in Film Production from the University of Southern California, having written 15 short films, 2 feature screenplays, directed five films, and supervised VFX for over a dozen productions. Kalyan’s outstanding VFX work on blockbusters like Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, Men In Black: International, and FreeGuy earned him a membership in the prestigious Visual Effects Society.

Kalyan’s science fiction (sci-fi) short film ‘THE LIE GAME’ with an all-South Asian cast was distributed by DUST, the largest youtube channel for sci-fi shorts. His sci-fi feature script ‘MEMORY LANES’ placed in the top 0.1% of a Netflix-supported contest and recently, Kalyan won a Netlfix-backed production grant for his short immigrant drama ‘DOS BROS FORCE’.

Currently, Kalyan is focused on writing and directing live-action and animation content that combines cutting-edge techniques with personal stories, to entertain and inspire audiences around the globe.