Bridge / Keeper

  • Director

    Sinclair Rankin

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2023, 7:50

  • Category

    Narrative Short

  • Format

    Sony fx9

  • Festival Year


Film Screening & Ticket Information

When & Where to See this Film!

KEEPERS: 2 films about 2 unique care-takers.

April 21, 2024 @ 4:00PM • MoMI – Bartos

Film Bloc Line Up:


As a bridge keeper makes his rounds, a mysterious sequence of events pushes him into an unexpected reality regarding the bridge in his care.


Sinclair Rankin, Director, Drown the Clown, Shrinker
Sinclair Rankin, Writer, Drown the Clown, Shrinker
Sinclair Rankin, Producer, Drown the Clown, Shrinker
Patrick Stoffer, Producer, Shrinker
Aaron Diskin, Key Cast, “Bridgekeeper”, Drown the Clown