QWFF Alumni News: The Incoherents is Available on iTunes and All VOD Platforms

The Incoherents is a well-produced, well-acted coming of age story – if you are a middle aged former garage band musician. The talented team behind the film possess impressive credits in film, TV, publishing, VO, and production, and after a successful festival run, the film is now available on multiple VOD platforms.

The film tells the story of Bruce Flansburgh, a bored, 40-something year old New York paralegal who hasn’t let go of his dream of rock stardom. While slogging through an increasingly unbearable day to day existence, it dawns on him that the reunions of The Pixies, Soundgarden, and other alternative/indie rock bands from the 90’s could inspire his former group, THE INCOHERENTS, to get back together. Upon finding his bandmates also mired in middle-aged stagnation, he rekindles a tenuous bond with the guitarist and co-songwriter, Jimmy, still resentful after languishing for years in unsuccessful groups after THE INCOHERENTS imploded. Bruce must also appease the desires of his wife Liz, desperate to break out of her life as a homemaker and reignite their stale marriage. While Bruce struggles mightily to maintain normalcy in his troubled work and home life, the band brushes the dust off the old magic while battling for relevance amongst a new wave of younger acts in a greatly changed musical landscape. 

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