Communications Director/Jury Member


Marija Sajkas is a U.S. based writer, media expert, and human rights advocate, whose work focuses on freedom of expression, the safety of journalists, and the state of media in the U.S. and the Balkans. She is a founder of 4 Better Media and since 2018, a curator of Freedom of Speech block at the Queens World Film Festival. She was a consultant for the documentary Common Ground: Survivors- A conversation between communities (2019), in which survivors of the Holocaust and Sino-Japanese war are finding similarities in perseverance, and co-author of Missing- the Right to Know (2003), a documentary that chronicles lives of families who are looking for their loved ones in mass graves. Her novel Esther Jovanovich’s Scrapbook (Klett, 2013), historical fiction situated in the time before WW2 explores topics such as the fatality of love, forces of immigration, and unlocked secrets from a letter found between strings of a grand piano. Marija Sajkas holds M.S. in International Affairs, with a concentration in Culture and Media Studies, from The New School University in New York, and a BS in Serbian Language and Literature from the University of Belgrade.