Jordy Antonio


Jordy Antonio is a New York City filmmaker who created ‘Make it Happen Org.’ with the purpose of raising awareness in the form of mental health and social films. He emphasizes his storytelling in a way that feels incredibly authentic, and like you’re watching a documentary rather than a curated story. He seeks to get people to feel something about the issue being portrayed while also highlighting the importance of even the smallest decisions, amplifying the idea that it is never too late to shape your life in the way that you’ve always wanted.

The discovery of enjoying conceptualizing stories about current topics within his environment from an early age came shortly after graduating from The New York City College of Technology with an Associates Degree in Communication Design, along with realizing that he had a natural tendency to grab a camera and record experiences in his everyday life. Therefore his pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in Film at Brooklyn College. Jordy wants others to see his vision and creativity on a larger spectrum that manifests the big and small concepts of life through his eyes. Given that he tends to be quite the extrovert in regards to social issues, he wanted to publicly address opinions and thoughts that not everyone is comfortable speaking up on, Jordy’s main goal being that people of all ages and communities could find themselves in any of his characters and create the world that they want because the choice is on us and change is within us.

After recognizing a few issues that he had encountered in his personal life and during the biggest transition of his life he felt like he wasn’t doing enough for the world and he thought that sharing his stories would be beneficial because they would be heard by people in similar situations and would hopefully inspire them to  take action like he did. Like art, he believes that our lives are constantly evolving, therefore telling the stories that people may resonate with became his purpose in life, even when people might not be going through it to the same extent.

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