• Director

    Bea Santos

  • Country, Year, Length

    Canada, 2021, 13:19

  • Category

    Narrative Short

  • Format


  • Festival Year



Unsatisfied and anxious about the state of her career, an actress finds solace in a recurring dream that promises otherworldly salvation – if only she can make it last.


Bea Santos – “Cybil”
Jess Salgueiro – “Courtney”
Stephen R. Hart – “Ron”
David Tompa – “Uriah Heap”

Director Statement

In astrology, the Saturn Return is when the planet Saturn returns to the place in the sky it held at the time of one’s birth. This typically takes 27-30 years, and it’s believed to line up psychologically with a person’s first trials of true adulthood. It’s a time of uncomfortable growing pains, but the person is believed to have left youth behind and enter into their authentic self when it completes. Two to Look, One to See is inspired by this concept and explores existentialism through a fantastical lens.

Director Biography

Bea studied literature and art history at McGill University before moving to Toronto to begin her career in film. Her credits include: the lead of the franchise A Very Country Christmas, a principal role in Season 3 of HBO’s True Detective, a series regular role on HULU’s the Hardy Boys, five seasons and counting as a recurring character on CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries, a supporting role in the Ethan Hawke lead bank drama Stockholm which premiered at Tribeca and the female lead in the Canadian-German Co-production Coconut Hero.
She is also an award-winning filmmaker. In her first film, Where There’s Smoke, she produced, directed, and wrote, played in festivals on four continents, taking home three best actor awards, one sound design award, and the best director nomination. Under the banner of ifyousayso Films, Bea makes movies that fuse female-centered stories with magic realism and lo-fi sci-fi.