• Director

    Ashray Dravidian

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2018, 24 min

  • Category

    Short Narrative

  • Format

    Digital (screening) – RED (shooting)

  • Festival Year


Cast: John C Forman, Erika Hoveland, Kim Cruchon, Victor Pytko, Nikki Fioretti, Aaron Matthew Atkisson, Benjamin Locker, Julia Ouellette, Ariana Elizabeth, Tony Semanik
Crew: Producers: Ashray Dravidian – Screenwriters: Ashray Dravidian –

Many decades after the war, Berek Kaufman, a Holocaust survivor and a renown painter faces the terrors of his past. Which torn opens the decade-old wound, ultimately making him realize just how fragile life is.

Ashray Dravidian: From a small town in southern India to producing/Directing Independently in Detroit, USA. Ashray’s long journey is filled with artistic ventures. Ashray was born on 2nd-July-1987 at Hosanagara, a small town surrounded by mountains in southern India. At the age of 18 Ashray moved to Bangalore to study Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Art History, During his 4 years of college he wrote & directed 3 plays for his college theater team and in his final year of graduation (2012) he made an artwork La Cristo, wherein he covered the whole building housing a cluster of 12 museums & his art college in white cloth. It was his commentary on the epistemology of art pedagogy. In 2013 Ashray moved to Detroit, USA to study Filmmaking, since then he wrote and directed 5 short films, he graduated from film school on October 2014, His thesis film Asphyxia won 6 awards in local and International film festivals and his recent short film Interlude screened in 18 film festivals around the world and won 5 awards. Ashray’s new film They Scream in Silence is on the festival circuit now. According to his screenwriting teacher Richard Rothrock – ” Ashray’s visuals, as always, are astonishing, powerful, and beautiful. And, as always, he tackles with some major issues about life and how some of us attempt to make sense of life through storytelling”

Filmmaker’s Note

The root of the film ‘They Scream in Silence’ is in the poem ‘The Lamb and the Tyger’ by William Blake. The Lamb (Berek) represents the good and the Tyger (Earnest) represents the evil. Berek and Earnest both are part of the Holocaust but they saw it in different perspectives. I believe bringing the good and the evil face to face always resulted in the birth of newer thinking possibilities. Our protagonist Berek Kaufman builds his life after the Holocaust based on art and poetry but when he faces his past after many decades his dilemmas, his struggle to see through his past and his quest to find the lost solace in poems make him and his life a poetry itself.