• Director

    Sabine Crossen

  • Country, Year, Length

    United Kingdom, 2020, 15:00

  • Category

    Narrative Short

  • Format

    Arri Amira – Digital

  • Festival Year



‘A disturbing tale of deceit and persecution of a woman who fights for justice against a lawless witch hunter.’

A dark, period thriller, set in the early 1800’s in rural England, seventy-three years after witch hunts were banned. When Esther, a local herbal healer, witnesses her sister’s murder at the hands of a lawless but influential religious leader, she realizes only she can put an end to the deceit, blind ignorance and barbarity of these outdated beliefs for good.


Michelle Coverley – Writer & Producer
Sabine Crossen – Director
Ian Reddington – “Zachariah”
Ludovica Musumeci – Producer
Tania Freimuth – Cinematographer
Kant Pan – Editor
Hollie Buhagiar – Composer
Michalianna Theofanopoulou – Sound Designer
Emma Clark – Costume Designer

Director Statement

‘THE WICK’ touches a very universal and topical subject about strong women, women’s rights, and their place in society. This short film resonates with the #MeToo and #TimesUp issues.

I was attracted to this project in part because of the originality of the script but also because, even though it was set in the era of witch hunts nearly two hundred years ago, it’s still happening today. In countries all over the world, women are being accused of witchcraft and being killed.

With this in mind, I was intent on making ‘THE WICK’ different from a ‘classical’ period drama. With Michelle Coverley, the writer and producer, we wanted to give it a modern feel to accentuate these current themes to help the audience observe and connect from a more contemporary point of view. We did this through working with the amazingly talented Micha Theofanopoulou & Hollie Buhagiar on the sound design & music and then with Pooya (PANCHROMA STUDIOS) on the color grade, choosing vibrant colors and stark contrast. This, with the locations and costumes, keeps the authentic feel of 1808 alive but with a ‘today’ feel.

Watching the finished film convinces me that we captured the realism and grit of these horrific injustices, and the film successfully shows audiences how it still happens today.

Director Biography

Sabine Crossen is an award-winning film director & actress with French/American heritage, hailing from New Zealand. ‘The Wick’ is Sabine’s third short film featuring Ian Reddington (Dr. Who, Outlander, Eastenders).

She directed her first short film ‘Love is blind’ in 2015 that screened worldwide in over 30 international film festivals and won more than 20 awards.

Her second short film, ‘Resurrection’ starring Samy Naceri (the well-known taxi driver in Luc Besson’s Taxi saga), is nearing the finish of its festival circuit and has played at over 55 festivals and has won many awards.