• Director

    Naman Gupta

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2018, 7 min

  • Category

    Short Narrative

  • Format

    Digital (screening) – RED (shooting)

  • Festival Year


Cast: Mark
Crew: Producers: Vijaykumar Mirchandani – Screenwriters: Steve Lucas – Executive Producer: Vijaykumar Mirchandani, Reena Roy

When passion becomes your obsession and obsession gives you pleasure. You do not know where to draw the line. Esteban shares his step-by-step process, letting you feel every drop, every piece, every moment of his labor of love. An obsessive masterpiece based on a true story.

Naman is NYC based film director. A photographer who evolved throughout the years to contain deeper themes and stories, ultimately following his childhood passion of filmmaking. His recent neo-noir drama thriller “Lilly Riggs” has been featured in numerous international festivals receiving Best Director, Best Narrative Short Film nominations.

Filmmaker’s Note

When I was looking for the script for my next project, there were three criteria’s that I put out in my post: it should not be overly dark, gory or cynical (because I think there is way too much dark & cynical stuff out there), it should be able to be done in low/no budget (because you know…) and it should be smart/have a great twist. So while I was reading the script for The Process I kept thinking “I asked for a non dark film and this is what he sent me?” … I was picturing flesh, blood and all sorts of unspeakables but once I got to the end, I felt kinda stupid … its one of those feelings where when you are watching a movie and you are thinking “oh I know where its going and how its gonna end” you are feeling smart and then the twist is so unexpected it just catches you off guard. First read and I was sold. My only question to Steve (the writer) was; is this the actual process and he sent me a long wikipedia page with info proving that it infact is a true story. From the start my vision for the film was a dark, horror, mysterious feel that almost makes your skin crawl. For people to have same reaction that I did when reading the script: this is a dark sadistic film and then bam comes the twist. I love the slow burning pace and slow camera movements of films like Contact, The Sixth Sense and Arrival and wanted The Process to have that same feel of pulling the audience into the scene. Visually I wanted the gritty but rich feel of David Fincher’s work (especially his film Seven) and I love close ups, Sergio Leone style! I love editing my own films (I believing editing is an extension of Directing) so editing was a fun ‘process’ and because of budget restrictions ended up sound designing the film as well which was a very interesting & satisfying experience. I hope the audience will be creeped out, horrified and dumbfounded by The Process.