• Director

    Ronnie Cramer

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2020, 6:54

  • Category

    Animated Short

  • Format


  • Festival Year



A woman encounters a chair with strange properties but can’t decide if the experience is exciting or annoying. Created old-school style, using only pen and paper, and made up of 2,700 individual drawings


Ronnie Cramer – Director

Director Biography

Artist/Musician/Filmmaker Ronnie Cramer has been active in the arts community for over thirty years. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries and other venues across the country. His music has achieved airplay on over 150 radio stations nationwide, and his critically acclaimed films have been screened at festivals worldwide. He has also been featured as a guest lecturer on art and media at numerous museums and universities. Cramer’s work has been exhibited in every US state and sixty-eight other countries.