• Director

    Wagner Cinelli

  • Country, Year, Length

    Brazil, 2020, 3:45

  • Category

    Blame it on the Pandemic

  • Format


  • Festival Year



“Stay home” intends to contribute to collective consciousness to avoid going out during coronavirus massive spread. “Corona means crown but it won’t make you king”. Actually, it might even kill you. So, the idea is not to go on the streets unless you really need to. Stay home, and keep safe. Arrangements by Urca Bossa Jazz band, and many guest singers.


Wagner Cinelli – DirectorMandacaru
Gabriela Zimmer – Writer
Wagner Cinelli – Writer
Wagner Cinelli – ProducerAcaiaca, Kekere, Fire Musical Notes, Boulevard, and Contramao
Matheus von Kruger – Music Producer
Urca Bossa Jazz – Arrangements
Barbara Lau – Singers
Bia Falcao – Singers
Damaris Morais – Singers
Darelly Sette – Singers
Fernando Mendes – Singers
Gabriela Zimmer – Singers
Lucas Drummond – Singers
Matheus von Kruger – Singers
Rebeca Sauwen – Singers
Rodrigo Sha – Singers
Vinny – Singers
Daniel Zimmer (shaker) – Musicians
Didier Fernan (bass) – Musicians
Gilo (timbales) – Musicians
Mafram do Maracana (percussion) – Musicians
Matheus von Kruger (acoustic guitar) – Musicians
Paulinho Crianca (drums) – Musicians
Tino Junior (sax) – Musicians
Wagner Cinelli (keyboards) – Musicians
La Maison Estudio – Recording, mixing & mastering
Didier Fernan – Audio engineer
Nina Galanternick – Video editor
Victoria Zanardi – Assistant editor
Tomas Magarinos – Colorist
Mac MargolisE – nglish subtitles
Wagner Cinelli – English subtitles
Alba Asin Gazquez – Spanish subtitles
Juliano Fiori – Spanish subtitles
Fabio Zorzan – Italian subtitles
Gabinete de Artes – Credits design

Director Biography

Wagner Cinelli is a composer and pianist. He started producing music videos of his songs in 2015. The first video was SAUDADES DO RAUL, a tribute to Raul Seixas. Several others have been made, and some of them are themed on social causes, like ACAIACA (the story of the extermination of a tribe in just one night), KEKERE (on racial discrimination), and ABOUT HER (a story of domestic violence). His first work as a director was the music video STAY HOME (on the need for social isolation during the Covid-19 massive spread).