• Director

    Noah Benezra, Joseph Tuzzolino, Edith Goldenhar

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2019, 15 min

  • Category

    Short Documentary

  • Format

    Digital (screening) – Digital, 4K on Panasonic GH5 (shooting)

  • Festival Year


Crew: Post-Production: Rock Paper Scissors, Eve Kornblum Managing Director – Screenwriters: Edith Goldenhar

A personal story, global story, and call to action. In 1940, Paulette was a teenage refugee fleeing the Nazi invasion of Belgium. In 2018, Edith follows her mother’s vivid wartime diary to retrace that journey to Calais and honor the Frenchwoman who sheltered Paulette and her family during the bombings. There she meets with Care4Calais volunteers helping in today’s refugee crisis. Bringing us close, RETURN TO CALAIS draws parallels between refugees past and present, showing how empathy joins the dots of displacement across generations and geography.

Noah Benezra is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker and editor of documentaries, commercials, and PSAs.
Joseph Tuzzolino, born in Kansas City, Missouri, resides in Brooklyn. He usually works as a video editor, with a specific interest in documentary films.
Edith Goldenhar comes to Return to Calais from a career spanning theater, poetry, and social justice journalism. This is her first film. She is a proud resident of Jackson Heights.