• Director

    Brady Morell

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2018, 8 min

  • Category

    Short Narrative

  • Format

    Digital (screening) – Digital (shooting)

  • Festival Year


Cast: Ashley Williams, Na’Jae Green, Cameron Elie
Crew: Producers: Brady Morell, Thomas Hartmann, David Starks – Screenwriters: Brady Morell – Cinematographer: Ayinde Anderson

When the younger of two brothers, Cameron, has his jacket stolen, their mother Katrina sends the eldest brother, Anthony out to get it back. But as time passes, Katrina and Cameron begin to wonder if Anthony will return at all.

Brady Morell is a director and screenwriter.

Filmmaker’s Note

This is one of many shorts I wish to make into an anthology series about “caregivers” in the United States, with a focus on marginalized and/or working-class individuals. As a filmmaker I aim to tell universal stories in very specific or contained worlds, and wish to explore everyday heroes such as teachers, single parents, social workers, nurses, etc. As well as the under-appreciated sacrifices such caregivers make everyday.