• Director

    Adam Engel

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2020, 01:20:00

  • Category

    Narrative Feature

  • Format


  • Festival Year



A lonely groundskeeper struggles with the crushing guilt of a local murder, eventually losing himself as he desperately tries to cling onto an innocence he never truly lost.


Joel Bernard – “Michael”
Caroline Ryburn – “Iris”
Keithen Hergott – “Tom”
Elyse Price – “Linda”
Maximo Masefield – “Jaime”
Larry Mihlon – “Detective Burke”
Shaheed Hooper – “Billy”
Jase Egan – “Davey”

Director Statement

Filmed in my neighborhood of Kew Gardens/Forest Hills Queens, I was eager to do a deep character study using the lush backdrop that is unique to this little part of the city. I wanted to tell a story of someone’s mental descent and follow a character into places that may seem very uncomfortable. It was interesting for me to explore the power, determination and impetuousness of what a guilty conscience can do and how a little spark can set off a chain of events which fester in a small community… There, I found that I had a pretty gripping story; one I was excited to tell.

Director Biography

Adam Engel is an experienced film-maker from Kew Gardens who both produced and directed four feature-length independent films; WINTER (2011), On A Country Road (2013), and Murder No. 3 At The Higgins Building (2014), and Mouse (2021). Adam has spent the better part of the past decade producing original works and is the CEO and President of TangoLight Films, his production company.

From a very young age, Adam has been passionate about storytelling through motion pictures. After years of attempting to replicate the masters with a VHS camcorder he borrowed from his father, he attended The New York Film Academy (NYFA) in New York and Los Angeles. Subsequently completing a degree in Fine Arts, Adam created TangoLight Films, a production company with the sole purpose of telling extraordinary stories. By producing and directing these feature-length films and years of experience behind the camera, Adam has been featured and prestigious in New York festivals and internationally. Recently Adam is working on financing his next episodic series project (“untitled“) and feature film, “The Time Convention.