MICKEY HARDAWAY(Proof Of Concept Short)

  • Director

    Marcellus Cox

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2020, 19:23

  • Category

    Narrative Short

  • Format

    Blackmagic USRA 4K

  • Festival Year



A Young Sketch Artist visits a well-renowned psychiatrist as his life begins sprawling out of control after years of Physical and Verbal Abuse has taken a toll on him.


Rashad Hunter – “Mickey Hardaway”
Stephen Cofield Jr – “Dr. Cameron Harden”
David Chattam – “Randall Hardaway”
Charlz Williams – “Mr. Pitt”

Director Statement

This is Without Question, a very personal story to me, showing how most of the time, Society is our worst enemies and downfall. Just because you’re different from everyone else around you. I wanted to showcase this and its effect on people, especially the youth coming up, and what it will lead to in the future.

Director Biography

Marcellus Cox is an Award-Winning Writer/Director hailing from Los Angeles, California. Marcellus Cox has always had a passion for movies and filmmaking. As a True Auteur, His style of cinematic storytelling embossed with dark and edgy themes that is engaging and enlightening, delivering his audience to a place of understanding and compassion for social issues and objectivity, as he pushes the boundaries of controversial storytelling, touching on subjects such as Race, Religion, Social & Political issues.

Marcellus Cox’s work has screened in over 200 International Film Festivals, Won over 130 International Film Awards, and has screened Nationwide on CBS, FOX, ABC, SHORTS TV, Revolt, Crime/Investigation & PBS.