• Director

    Rafael Escolar

  • Country, Year, Length

    Argentina, 2024, 01:07:59

  • Category

    Narrative Feature

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  • Festival Year


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HEBE: An exploration of the real, the illusory and extrasensory perceptions.

April 25, 2024 @ 3:00PM • MoMI – Bartos

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Hebe, in her journey from childhood to adulthood, finds herself compelled to explore the boundaries of the real and the illusory through her extrasensory perceptions. Endowed with a singular gift: glimpsing the past and future as an eternal present, Hebe defies temporal convention, questioning whether her premonitions are pre-written destinies or mere whispers of chance. Inspired by true events, Hebe invites us into the fabric of time to discover whether her gift can and should be controlled or whether she should surrender and succumb to it.


Rafael Escolar, Director Posdata, Uomo, Adagio, Dalia y Día 1
Rafael Escolar Writer Posdata, Uomo, Adagio, Dalia, Día 1, Izaro y Días peregrinos
Rafael Escolar Producer Posdata, Uomo, Adagio, Dalia y Día 1
Magdalena Combes Tillard Key Cast “Hebe adulta” Dalia, Adagio, Día 1, Felipe, Bandido.
Florencia Rubio Key Cast” Hebe joven”
Allegra Guadagnini Bisio Key Cast “Hebe niña”

Director Biography

Rafael Escolar is born in Amorebieta, Bizkaia, in 1967. After finishing his Associate Degree in Audiovisual Productions in Barcelona, he completes a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Studies in the United States. For more than thirty years, he has worked as a screenwriter, director and independent producer, as well as teaching in Argentina and Spain. His most outstanding works include the feature films “Día 1”, “Dalia”, “Adagio”, “Uomo” and “Posdata”, as well as the on-camera acting method “Acting Self”.