• Director

    Neda Khanifar

  • Country, Year, Length

    Iran, 2019, 3 min

  • Category

    Short Narrative

  • Format

    Digital (screening) – Digital (shooting)

  • Festival Year



Cast: amirhosein saghafi
Crew: Producers: Neda Khanifar
Email: neda.naserii1991@gmail.com

Neda Khanifar: born in 1991 directing student in art university of tehran nominated for Best Screenplay from the International nahal Film Festival for “aloonak”.

Filmmaker’s Note

The right to be free is the most important gift that must be given to every human being from the very beginning. But what a pity that today the simplest and most basic human rights in the world are ignored. The filmmaker’s mission is to shout this injustice with the language of images. But the thick dust of politics and it’s dark shadows not only shortened the hands of the oppressed peasants, called “transgender” , but also left a big obstacle in front of filmmakers who have a concern about justice and freedom. I am a young filmmaking student who understands the concept of injustice because of being a woman in Iran, and so I decided to make this short film with my personal budget. It’s natural that being independent in this field made me work on my film with the lowest possible budget, and the reality is that I still have no money to sign up for various festivals and spend on it. I hope we see a time when people can not be excluded from society for the sake of being different.