• Director

    Joseph Voce, Thomas Finn

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2019, 73 min

  • Category

    Short Narrative

  • Format


  • Festival Year



Cast: John Rossi, Thomas Finn, Joseph Voce, Justin Albinder, Michelle Masiello, Chris O’Connell, Maris Albinder, Rosie Flore, Thomas Fruehsamer, Brittany Voce, Justin Portaro, Thomas Crociata
Crew: Producers: Joseph Voce, Thomas Finn – Screenwriters: Joseph Voce, Thomas Finn – Cinematographer: Justin Portaro – 1st AC: Kat Gueli – Camera Operator B: Kat Gueli – Second Unit: Aren Antreasyan, John Rossi, Chris O’Connell – Audio: Thomas Fruehsamer , Aren Antreasyan – Key Grip: Justin Portaro – Catering: Brittany Voce – Editor: Joseph Voce

A group of childhood friends are committed to proving the existence of the paranormal.

Two guys who met at a corner bus stop. Joe spilt his drink on Tom and Tom punched Joe. After many lawsuits, Joe lost all of his money and decided to get desperate for a job…any job. So he decided to write. Tom meanwhile won a lot of money from Joe, but lost it all to a she-devil named gambling. So they write together now. The end. Joseph Voce, Thomas Finn

Filmmaker’s Note

When we met in college, we never thought of where we could end up. All we wanted to do was write funny scripts, produce them, and show them to people hoping for a laugh. We’ve created duds (that we’ll never speak of) and we’ve created gems that we will love forever. With each project, our craft gets better and better with the timing of jokes, the scheduling of production, and the quality of post production. With this movie being the latest project, it’s our favorite thing. It has the lessons learned from previous projects and newer ventures that we push ourselves to do each time we make something.