Donut Chase

  • Director

    Sarah Baskin

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2021, 8 minutes 27 seconds

  • Category

    Narrative Short

  • Format

    Digital 4K

  • Festival Year


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Engorging themselves in the perfect powder, two loony lady cops throw down with some FBI guys.


Sarah Baskin, Director
Valery Lessard, Writer
Lisa Baron, Writer
Bryan Fitzgerald, Writer
Lisa Baron, Producer
Bryan Fitzgerald, Producer
Valery Lessard, Producer
Sow the Seeds Productions, Producer
Baroness Films, Producer
Valery Lessard, Key Cast, “Officer Sam”
Lisa Baron, Key Cast, “Officer Pam”
Richard Brevard, Key Cast, “Agent Asante”
Bryan Fitzgerald, Key Cast, “Agent Peters”
Imani Russell, Key Cast, “Angelo”

Director Statement

When actor and writer Valery Lessard first approached me with this script, I thought to myself: “Donut Chase? Really?” But after reading it, I was intrigued. The tilted universe in which two oddball female cops are obsessed with finding the ‘perfect donut’ is bold, off-beat, and singularly absurd. It flips the conventional male buddy-cop genre on its head and offers its female performers a chance to go beyond a naturalistic landscape and create something fresh and unexpected. I believe we live in a world that feels tilted at times (just read the comments section on almost any youtube video!) — it’s not far fetched to say our current state of affairs is full of obsession, assumptions, and misunderstandings that lead to all sorts of potentially disastrous ends. In DONUT CHASE, we play wholeheartedly with how these fixations lead Officers Pam and Sam into a tricky situation that a simple conversation might have avoided.

To say our shoot was fun is an understatement. We played hard. We hope you have as much fun watching DONUT CHASE as we had making it.

Director Biography

Originally from Montreal, Sarah Baskin is an actor and filmmaker based in New York. DONUT CHASE is her directorial debut. She is a frequent collaborator with the award-winning production companies Sow The Seeds Productions and Subway Token Films. As an actor, Sarah works both on stage (Off-Broadway, Regionally, and in downtown theatre), and screen (HBO, Amazon, CBS, NBC, and several independent films). Behind the camera, Sarah is influenced by her many years of teaching master classes in acting, and seeks the unique performance that makes stories come alive. Upcoming directing projects include a film adaptation of the French-Canadian play “Les Calins Cheap,” set to shoot in Montreal in the fall of 2021. For more: