• Director

    Jules Rosskam

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2019, 17 min

  • Category

    Short Documentary

  • Format


  • Festival Year


Crew: Producers: Jules Rosskam, Karla Huffman

Dance, Dance, Evolution is a short documentary film exploring transgender people’s relationship to dance. Specifically, the film looks at how shifting ones gender might cause shifts in how one dances, whether or not one feels comfortable dancing, and how dance may highlight an individual’s internal experience of gendered embodiment. Dance, Dance, Evolution will feature a wide array of transgender people, including those whose gender evolution has resulted in moving from loving to dance to feeling like they can’t dance; never dancing to sometimes dancing; loving to dance with others to only dancing alone; never dancing with others to always dancing out at clubs. The film is about exploring people’s relationship to dance, rather than dance itself.

Jules Rosskam is an award-winning filmmaker, educator and interdisciplinary artist interested in liminal spaces: the space between male and female, between documentary and fiction, between moving image and still. His interdisciplinary practice works to induce a perceptual shift in our understanding of how and what bodies mean in the context of documentary film, toward an apprehension of multiplicities. He is the director, producer, and editor of transparent (2005), against a trans narrative (2009), Thick Relations (2012), Something to Cry About (2018), and Paternal Rites (2018). Recent screenings include the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Fine Art Boston, the British Film Institute, Arsenal Berlin, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, and the Queens Museum of Art. Recent residencies include Marble House Project, PLAYA, ACRE, Yaddo, and ISSUE Project Room. Rosskam holds an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Film, Video, New Media, 2008). He is currently Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at University of Maryland Baltimore County.