• Director

    Nancy Kamal

  • Country, Year, Length

    Egypt, 2019, 6 min

  • Category

    Short Narrative

  • Format

    Digital (screening) – HD (shooting)

  • Festival Year


Cast: Menna Ashraf
Crew: Producers: CEOSS – Screenwriters: Nancy Kamal

Minor girl noticed wedding preparations in her home .. She was shocked because she did not expect to be the bride. The film highlights the suffering of an impoverished middle-class Egyptian girl in one of the villages. She deprived her right to complete her education and innocent childhood. A victim of marriage is forced to marry before the legal age of marriage is complete. Before her physical development is complete,The film is expressive without dialogue, with the aim of focusing on the internal feelings of the heroine. Her relationship with the party responsible for her harm from her face is always cruel.

An independent Egyptian visual artist, Nancy Kamal was born in Cairo in 1977. She was graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts- Cartoon Animation department in 2000, her graduation project was a short animation film (Esteftahak Laban). Besides that, 1999 she started working as an interactive art director in digital media and commercials. 2006 she directed three short documentary films (Aroh Lemin – Happened in Nawa – West Eldayra). The following year she directed (Fried Dreams) (2007), her first fiction short that was awarded in Alexandrian International Film festival and participated in Dubai International Film Festival. One other short followed (rizk eleial). Filmography Filmography – 2007 Nile International festival for environment film – “ Happened in NAWA “ – documentary film – 2008 Participated in Dubai film Festival –“ Fried Dreams” Short film – 2008 Special award for the best short narrative film “Fried Dreams “ – Alexandria International Film Festival – 2006 script writer for a short fim” The Emperor of Sharabia “ / short narrative against child Labour – 2006 Film “ Aroh Lmein “Where to Go ; for The popular participation in democracy – 2007 Film Circle Center for Women Democratic Participation – 2010 Film Risk El Eial for Women recruitment in Qalioubia – 2007 Happened in Nawa for Environment in Nawa / Qalioubia In this village the first Chicken–flue infection in Egypt was discovered