• Director

    Emmett Goodman

  • Country, Year, Length

    United States, 2019, 3min

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Cast: Rashad Dunn
Crew: Producers: – Screenwriters: Emmett Goodman – Animation: Emmett Goodman – Advisors: Ricky Renna, David Sloss – Music: Robert Goodman – 2D Animation Assistance: Paul C. Thompson – Additional Modeling and Design: Yiping Huang

Two different characters, a manic wrestler and a calm elderly lady, find themselves in a dire situation.

Emmett Goodman is an animation-based artist who works with both traditional and digital mediums. His work combines character animation with a visual aesthetic that combines classic cartoons, film history, traditional drawing and digital experimentation. Born in Chicago and raised in Cleveland, Emmett attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, and later went on to earn his MFA in Computer Arts from the School of Visual Arts. Emmett has worked as a freelance animator on several productions, animating and directing projects such as short films, webisodes, and music videos. His work has been shown in multiple film festivals. Emmett has also written articles on animation culture, and has been published in ASIFA Magazine.

Filmmaker’s Note

Break Down is an animated short film about two disparate characters trapped in an elevator. The two characters, a manic wrestler and a calm elderly woman, each respond differently to the dire situation they find themselves in. The film is created in a cartoon-inspired style that combines both 3D and 2D animation. While much of the story is humorous, Break Down also touches upon topics such as anxiety, claustrophobia, and patience.