• Director

    Hakan Unal

  • Country, Year, Length

    Turkey, 2020, 14:01

  • Category

    Experimental Short

  • Format

    HD Black & White

  • Festival Year



A prisoner woman learns the true world of her reality and her role in the system.


Hakan Unal – Writer, Director, & Producer
Eduardo M Escribano Solera – Producer

Director Statement

In my film, I associate some concepts such as imprisoned femininity with a woman in a prison cell, a male-sovereign society serving to the system with a guard in a military uniform, a silenced society with eyes on the wall, the creativity of the woman with the woman’s ability to write, and a society suppressed with inanimate mannequins are allegorically I tried to associate it with the centre of the issue.
Setting all these into a dark, sometimes into a surreal atmosphere of an isolating, overwhelming prison cell, I am interested in exploring the limits that one would force when looking for a way out of the dark and what happens after the real world’s light with sufferings and violence infiltrate inside of human’s life. In Allegoria, I want to explore all these feelings of fear, confinement, struggle, and hope – which many people consistently face in their cells, caves on earth to different extents – in a small isolated prison cell where they become more tangible.

Director Biography

Independent filmmaker Hakan Ünal is a native of Turkey and has worked for the past 8 years as a writer/director. After graduating from the University of English Literature in 2002, filmmaking became the overpowering passion in his life.
He wrote short stories. His debut short film ‘Orange’ participated in over 30 festivals and won 15 awards.
His second short film script entitled ‘Crack in the Wall’ was selected to Cinephilia Shorts Lab in 2017. It won first place at the 13th Cyprus International Film Festival. Crack in the Wall made its world premiere at the 15th Reykjavik International Film Festival and participated in more than 20 festivals.
Ünal was selected to the Reykjavik Talents in 2018. His third short film project entitled ‘Rabbit Still Hiding’ was selected to the 6th Drama Pitching Forum at the 42nd Drama International Film Festival and the Undeveloped Global Short Lab Pitching Forum at the 10th Oaxaca International Film Festival. He is currently working on his feature debut ‘Metamorphosis’ which is shortlisted at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2019