• Director

    Samir Rehem, Francis Gélinas, Hervé Baillargeon

  • Country, Year, Length

    Canada, 2020, 7:00

  • Category

    Web Content

  • Format

    4k Digital

  • Festival Year



Young people are inundated with images and messages about their bodies, sexuality, and relationships. “About Sex” invites teens to take a funny and frank look at what’s going on in their head, their heart, and between their legs as they navigate life and love as young adults. Thirty-five episodes explore topics from consent to pornography addiction through skits, expert advice, and teen testimonials.


Samir Rehem – Director
Francis Gélinas – Director
Hervé Baillargeon – Director
Wendy Litner – Writer
Andrew De Angelis – Writer
Louis-Martin Pepperall – Writer
Sarah Chatelain – Producer
Luc Chatelain – Producer
Louis-Martin Pepperall – Producer
Nadine Bhabha – “Rose”
Chris Wilson – “Julian”
Julia Tomasone – “Camille”
Arun Varma – “Arun”
Romane Denis – “Leah”
Dakota Jamal Wellman – “Gavin”
Daniela Sandiford – “Maddie”
Joey Scarpellino – “Ryan”
Karl Walcott – “Marcus”

Director Biography

Samir Rehem is a director known for bringing a fresh aesthetic to iconic television series and edgy indie comedies. He’s currently developing a new sci-fi series with IDW Publishing and Gotham Group based on the graphic novel Judas: The Last Days. He most recently worked with Greg Garcia on the comedy series, The Guest Book for TBS and Howie Mandel on a comedy pilot for eOne Entertainment. Other directorial work has been featured on award-winning television series such as Skins, Killjoys, and What Would Sal Do? Samir has also collaborated with Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew on the viral video You In Your Were, featuring Zach Galifianakis.
Samir has been nominated for three Canadian Screen Awards for Best Direction, one DGC Award for the comedy series What Would Sal Do?, and two Canadian Comedy Awards, one of which he won for his work on the IFC series Cock’d Gunns. Samir is an active member of the DGA & DGC, and he is based in Toronto, Canada, where he continues to work in film and television.